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File: 1605229548738.jpeg (11 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg)

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4chon plays among us

It would have to mobile version (free) with probably discord voice chat

Anyone down?
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40$ isnt a lot to some people dude



Yeah, but $40 for Rimworld?



Stop trying to make sense of everything, you cant and wont





Heh i aint cliccin or joinin dat

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New Music Thread (embeds killed the old one again)
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File: 1611453975567.jpg (53.18 KB, 522x557, 21.jpg)


I aint cliccin dat nibber







File: 1611579344213.jpeg (5.76 KB, 183x275, download.jpeg)


Laddos played this?


Fucc is dat lel



Google it




Concept video of RE7 with fixed camera angles

I'd actually play this, my main gripe with RE7 is the dogshit field of view


Why try to recreate a toaster graphics experience with 2020 tier graphics

It's an useless simulacrum of the actual shitty ps1 experience

File: 1611634475181.jpg (45.97 KB, 500x750, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


God this shit is comfy af

The roman episodes are by far the best heh

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Nu trannypunk gameplay trailer
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File: 1609542601916.jpg (100.25 KB, 1080x1350, 1609530244320.jpg)




File: 1609724115501.jpg (92.94 KB, 700x650, 5b9e30fe01701fac701831519e….jpg)



File: 1609745324944.jpg (843.63 KB, 1920x1681, 1609711239842.jpg)



Looks like unfinished GTA SA city map mod



overpromise, sell, underdeliver cyberpunk 2077

File: 1604873767363.jpg (50.29 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)


U shud totes try out dis here game onna steam fellers it's p fun
Also it's free heh
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File: 1605358099089.jpg (28.92 KB, 319x249, 1579099113914.jpg)

1 spam = 1 bump



File: 1606073291169.jpg (205.26 KB, 1200x900, 076897cbda42baee5e1393be42….jpg)

The kike got really mad at this thread, musta done something rite heh



God i hate this type of vocal mainstream-esque fake synthwave



File: 1611521940571.png (295.84 KB, 628x420, external-content.duckduckg….png)

fashy heh

File: 1611521691504.png (538.9 KB, 800x450, 9c6c2379bab8a8fbba861156f7….png)


‘Pavlov VR’ Brings WW2 Tank Warfare & Weapons in Biggest Update Yet

Pavlov VR, the VR shooter in Early Access for PC VR headsets, just got its biggest update yet which not only brings WW2 weapons, character models, and maps to the game, but also multiplayer tanks so you can finally put a little more Blitz in your Krieg.



File: 1611521738766.jpg (75.67 KB, 480x270, 3a3968e619bc939209a9fffaa2….jpg)



Either the modelers were lazy af or they purposefully omitted all political symbols from the faction uniforms heh



Ah nvm the helmet has a swastika at least

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Fresh Nu Half-Life: Alyx General

Game has been fully ported to mouse and keyboard

Imma try this shit out l8er heh
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File: 1610557386793.png (267.34 KB, 380x455, creatura.PNG)

I like how the AI just gave up trying to determine her race in the middle and did a stock caucasian face instead heh





Complete Raw Dev Commentary (other chapters can be found on his channel)





Ich laffen

File: 1592595317599.jpg (47.69 KB, 550x873, a0ff141a12b2e9b45df2e9b829….jpg)


>Be me just now visitan jewtube
>channel page has been overhauled yet AGAIN and ((they)) added a bunch of premium/monetization bullshit again that nobody wants ("channel memberships" et al what the fuck, after they already encouraged every semi-popular non-thoughtcrime channel w/a regular viewership to shove in these hard-baked sponsor ads earlier)
>My custom page design script which modified the design to fit the prew-jewgle cancer era of youtube is completely useless now again

I'm gonna try and contact the dev of the script if i can but i'm not holding my breath

Fuckin jewgle really is the cancer killin deez tubes smdh
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Fuckin watchseries has been down aswell for a while now, keep getting 503 backend fetch error on dat



Why the FUCK is ublock element hide selector not working on 4plebs at all for me

This is weird af i swear



File: 1611462493983.png (2.19 KB, 64x64, Malwarebytes Browser Guard.png)

Shud i install dis inna wa'ahfox et al or can deez nibbers read everything i type if i do



>he uses antivirus

Lmao, first sign of a tech pleb, listen, if you know what the fuck youre doing you'll never need an antivirus, all viruses require you to agree to install them

Are you literally 12 years old or do you just have a single digit IQ?



File: 1611504993435.jpg (52.26 KB, 331x402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)

Who hurt you sweetie?

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