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Concept video of RE7 with fixed camera angles

I'd actually play this, my main gripe with RE7 is the dogshit field of view
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God this shit is comfy af

The roman episodes are by far the best heh
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Nu trannypunk gameplay trailer
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"What Are You Listening to Right Now?"

New Music Thread (embeds killed the old one again)
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Laddos played this?
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U shud totes try out dis here game onna steam fellers it's p fun
Also it's free heh
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‘Pavlov VR’ Brings WW2 Tank Warfare & Weapons in Biggest Update Yet

Pavlov VR, the VR shooter in Early Access for PC VR headsets, just got its biggest update yet which not only brings WW2 weapons, character models, and maps to the game, but also multiplayer tanks so you can finally put a little more Blitz in your Krieg.

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Old one on autosage already

Fresh Nu Half-Life: Alyx General

Game has been fully ported to mouse and keyboard

Imma try this shit out l8er heh
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>Be me just now visitan jewtube
>channel page has been overhauled yet AGAIN and ((they)) added a bunch of premium/monetization bullshit again that nobody wants ("channel memberships" et al what the fuck, after they already encouraged every semi-popular non-thoughtcrime channel w/a regular viewership to shove in these hard-baked sponsor ads earlier)
>My custom page design script which modified the design to fit the prew-jewgle cancer era of youtube is completely useless now again

I'm gonna try and contact the dev of the script if i can but i'm not holding my breath

Fuckin jewgle really is the cancer killin deez tubes smdh
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4chon plays among us

It would have to mobile version (free) with probably discord voice chat

Anyone down?
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We're finally home /v/ros
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Fresh nu retromancave comfy lurkers

>Restoration of a '90s Apple Powerbook

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Kino for this feel?
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I just watched this after seeing it recommended onna /k/ earlier

Not a bad flick as such but it defo had some pacing and other issues heh, especially towards the end

Still a solid 6/10 though, wud recommend if ur into operator kinoe and don't mind listening to arabic for one and a half hours
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Imagine using poojetnet 10 lol
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>Staring at Strangers in the University, How Did They React?

Wwyd if it were u?
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Is evangelion gud i never watchd it heh
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women's sports just became the most entertaining comedy on television
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why does fattie nolegs even have a twitter? nobody cares about what a stupid cripple has to say.
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>playing italy in hearts of iron 4
>completely wrecking shit in the slog that is the fight for africa
>just about kick the british out of belgium's colonies
>murricans appear from behind me
>the vichy france territories are somehow suddenly now free france territories
>vichy france isn't even in the war
>the game literally cheated to stop me from winning
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Less than two weeks to go till the final episodes of Vikings start airing
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Upcoming nu gw2 world boss lookin swole af
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BF3 now has inofficial mod support and a zombie mode to boot
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nu-evangelion delayed again

kinda bummed, but also if it gets pushed back far enough might actually be able to see it inna japan. heh.
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Please Stop Using WhatsApp (And Everything Else That Isn’t Independently Audited)
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check em
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So you're telling me that not once, NOT ONCE, did any of the Fellowship members try to ravage the virgin assholes of any of their hobbit companions? This is absolutely laughably unrealistic. Think about it. You're on the road for months, haven't had a proper tumble with the boys since you left Rivendell and here, right beside you, are these perfectly round, lightly misted, woodland-fragranced, young and perky hobbit buttholes only inches away from your raging erection. Now let's be honest, tell me without a hint of sarcasm that you wouldn't. OF COURSE you would. ANYBODY would. What's the big deal? It's only natural. But NOOOo, of course that's not "politically correct" enough for the fun family adventure that is Lord of the Rings. I mean even in the book it doesn't happen and there it's just blatant omission of what actually goes down in the trenches. Isn't Tolkien a WW1 veteran? He of all people must know what it's like to be out there in the field, 6 inches deep in some pretty lad's poon because morale is so low that you'd do anything to get your mind off the shit to come. I say it again, who do Jackson and Tolkien think they're fooling? You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. In reality those hobbits would have gotten fucked so hard by Aragorn's numenorean ubermensch cock that they would have had to be carried through the mines of Moria and to the lands beyond. It actually takes me so much out of the experience that whenever I watch Fellowship I contemplate re-editing the movie only to interlace gay midget porn at opportune moments where it would have made sense for the hobbits to get buttpummeled. Doesn't even matter if they're not wearing the right costumes, it would still feel more authentic than the travesty that we got. Jackson? Yeah right. More like Hackson.
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Post real life kino

None of that fake actor and actress blockbuster trash that ruins your worldview

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How do I get good at writing kino reviews which get lots of upboats?
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If Jews don't care about beauty then why is this scene so great? It's just beautiful. Inspires awe and wonder.

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Band drops one (1) F-bomb in their entire discography for absolutely no reason

Please contribute


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heh been getting really into gg allin even tho i know he was a degenerate
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Now why would they lock the bubsy thread

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This PlayStation 1 Game Was Recently Completed After Two Decades

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Kinos where the protagonist gets impersonated by his arch rival?
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I just learned this exists. I was reminded of it when I thought about a fairly popular fan edit of BR2049, making it shorter (I think). But um bros I cant even figure out how to download an edit.
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>Want to pirate RDR2
>60+ fuckin GB inna fittranny repack
>130 parts

Kek holy fuck
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Wat u nibbers think about flash dying

I personally think it symbolizes the death of the pre-normie-infested internet as we knew it heh

Apparently it won't work in any browser at all anymore starting from jan 12th
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>be me
>watch a movie with a restaurant scene
>Cook jerks off into a dish
>dish is served to a customer
>he tastes it
>"Hey this tastes like semen!"
>whole restaurant laughs
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Hey guys!
Check out my imageboard
It's called 600chan
It has a /b/ board!!!!

It's also better than 4chan and 8chan combined

(Plz visit my website, no one goes there…)


Tor: http://6ooch3fco3srmzuls2zg2so4sgr72cj7t4hwqlhjannnemf5y55fymad.onion/
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ITT: Stupid vidya deaths
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Nu stalker 2 gameplay teaser dropped

Looks liek a Metro Last Light ripoff heh
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Was it a metaphor for trannyism
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Redpill me on Hallmark kinos laddos

I heard they're very trad but are they also watchable
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Sperglin takes a gander over the latest shitty kike flicks Mel Gibson has starred in
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1st nigger pixar movie released

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Lara Croft will be heading to mobile devices (with politically correct downsized tits) in ’Tomb Raider Reloaded’, f2p mobile game

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New Steam Sale, Goyim!

Is there anything out there even worth buying anymore?

What are you coppin' fellas? I will probably get pic-related even though I've played six gorillion similar games in my day.
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Some autist put up a fandom of fictional Landsers depicted in various movies


He also put up a page featuring his OC furry character (??)


What the fuck kek
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Shud i pirate dis
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God i'm so hyped for Hellblade II fellas
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>women gamers

R: 5 / I: 1
well, which game does this to you?
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'Tis the season, then
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So uh…buy anything from Steam lately?

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KFC console

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>Nu Mega64

Neon Genesis Evangelion In 5 Minutes (Live Action)
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It should be noted that people, mostly men, suffering from the last stages of syphilis, from locomotor ataxia, were common spectacles in downtown Indianapolis and in circus crowds when I was a boy.
Those people were infested with carnivorous little corkscrews which could be seen only with a microscope. The victims' vertebrae were welded together after the cork- screws got through with the meat between. The syphilitics seemed tremendously dignified—erect, eyes straight ahead.
I saw one stand on a curb at the corner of Meridian and Washington Streets one time, underneath an overhanging clock which my father designed. The intersection was known locally as "The Crossroads of America"
This syphilitic man was thinking hard there, at the Crossroads of America, about how to get his legs to step off the curb and carry him across Washington Street. He shuddered gently, as though he had a small motor which was idling inside. Here was his problem: his brains, where the instructions to his legs originated, were being eaten alive by corkscrews. The wires which had to carry the instructions weren't insulated anymore, or were eaten clear through. Switches along the way were welded open or shut.
This man looked like an old, old man, although he might have been only thirty years old. He thought and thought. And then he kicked two times like a chorus girl. He certainly looked like a machine to me when I was a boy.
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Rumor: Battlefield 6 Will Be Set During World War 3 (like BF3)

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Pokemon difficulty hack for those suffering from crippling autism

Been playing pokemon radical red lately, and in summary it's a very ambitious, and well-put together hack of pokemon fire red. For starters practically every pokemon from every generation is in this game, which is something nintendo didn't even do with the currently released pokemong games. They also back-ported most features from modern pokemon games such as megaevolution.
The main problem with this game though, or perhaps the main feature depending on who you ask, is that there's a lot of grinding, a lot of very necessary grinding if you don't want to get owned by every gym leader. You can't expect to win by catching and raising pokemon causally. This game was made with competitive players in mind, so what that means is you have to grind EVs in order to make sure your pokemon have reasonable stats, and it can take hours to get a whole team up to par. If you don't know what EVs are, basically it's a hidden value that increases depending on the type of pokemon you knock out. 4 EVs = 1 stat increase. Not only that, but you also have to make sure you didn't start off with gimped pokemon who have shitty stats too. Fortunately this is something you'll know as soon as you catch them, because the game gives you a stat ranking.
I had no idea what I was getting into before I started, and I didn't even consider these things before the 5th gym, so I probably struggled a lot more than an autistic tournament player would. This hack gives you a lot of tools to help you grind, but it's still a grind non the less, and I feel like an idiot for playing this. The reason I keep playing though, is that even after all the grinding, the gym battles are still hard and it feels rewarding to win. You feel like a genius, even though you're just an autistic retard.
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>"based on cuba"
>"""fascist dictator"""

Kek fucking tranny devs
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Online resources for brushing up on English

Anyone have any resources for learning English past high school level, I'm sometimes struggling to articulate my thoughts

Preferrably free
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Racism game

Black lives splatter gameplay
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>Nu gears 5 DLC features niggers and wahmin

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Medal Of Honor Above & Beyond (VR) Review

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Seeing John Boyega for the first time in The Force Awakens was the shock of my life.

I was so hyped for the sequel trilogy that I cagily avoided all marketing materials, all trailers, and all commercials. If I walked by a toy aisle at the store and caught a small glimpse of a vehicle or stormtrooper, I’d look away immediately. I wanted to go into the new era of Star Wars with an entirely open mind, as pure as an Amish virgin. On opening night I knew there was a brown-haired female protagonist (that much was hard to avoid, even though I shielded my eyes), but little else. I didn’t even know which classic characters were returning.

When Boyega first took off that helmet and revealed himself to the theater, I let out an audible gasp. My entire row of filmgoers looked at me like I was nuts, but I couldn’t help myself. There before me was the most Simian creature I’d ever seen in a galaxy far, far away. An intergalactic gorilla with huge flaring nigger nostrils and big Nigerian chieftain lips.

Oftentimes film studios will soften the blow by casting Billy Dee Williams or Will Smith… but not this time. This time you were forced to feast your eyes on a pure-blooded coal black silverback nigger, blown up forty feet high on an IMAX screen.

I looked around, uncomprehendingly, as the rest of the crowd seemed to accept this monstrosity as a regular matter of course. Then it occurred to me that I was the only person who hadn’t already seen months’ worth of marketing materials.

Little by little, they had been led to accept this by drips and drabs of commercials, trailers, and TV interviews. Their minds had been so softened that they were willing to stare unflinchingly, even giggle and smile at the niggershines, as MegaNigger (missing only a bone in his nose) besmirched the galaxy.

Lots of people debate about the exact moment when Star Wars died. I contend it was when that minstrel-looking sweaty jigaboo removed his helmet and revealed his Lovecraftian face.
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This movie hit a bit close to home, it made me think of all the times i was harassed by white collar caucasian men on the subway.
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Now that the dust has settled…was it based?
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Nu Neeson kino fuckers

90% audience score onna RT while the ((professional critics)) thrashed it, gonna give the trailer a watch heh
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Best console is?

My vote goes to xbox 360
R: 1 / I: 1
Are you ready for (another) Disney N-word movie?
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new DeSinc video on ms flight sim

an underrated comedian who puts quality over quantity, he'd be best known for the confirming half-life 3 video.
R: 3 / I: 1
This actually look decent save for dat chopper CG heh
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Black Lives Splatter Review – Carmageddon Meets Modern America

Indie games and developers are nothing new or exciting, however in recent years indie games and developers have been flushed straight down the shitter along with the gaming industry for that matter as a whole. The modern “indie developer” these days either consists of an extremely small team of people or a new studio founded from rejected employees of the AAA gayming industry. Majority of which come from either Ubisoft or EA owned studios.

To summarize it better, the modern indie game of today consists of nothing but shovel ware pozzed trash made to be inclusive and pander political agendas. Though today I’m proud to say that not all indie gaymes share this terrible fate as we run through Black Lives Splatter.

Black Lives Splatter is free to download over at badgoy.net.

Black Lives Splatter was seemingly developed an a single anonymous individual on 8chan and instills a political agenda of its own, however in the case of Black Lives Splatter this “political agenda” is seemingly the right way of thinking, more or less a nice take on modern society. While still in development Black Lives Splatter offers a verity of vehicles and locations to pick and play with just version 0.20.

With American citizens being under the thumb of liberal Marxists and the BLM militia a game of this nature provides even more dark humor and a sense of satisfaction as the premise of the game is all too real.

The story is pretty straightforward. With liberal Marxists and BLM negroids rioting and looting crime rate has skyrocketed, you play as Moonman who upon watching (((MSM))) broadcasts of violent BLM protests sparking riots due the suicide of George Floyd. Moonman fed up with all these niggers chimping out, sadly while out of ammo to go on a proper coon killing spree Moonman has the ingenious idea of running down these violent niggers with his car. You venture out of your garage and thrusted into your neighborhood which is in complete disarray thanks to the rioting under the pretense of Black Lives Matter protests.

From then on out it’s pretty simple. You’re tasked with exterminating the chimp populous seemingly decreasing America’s crime rate with every kill. The niggers themselves will taunt and attack you by throwing bricks, bananas, bottles and other objects. Upon killing 90% of coons located in the area you’re then able to proceed to the exit which provides a score screen and unlocks the next area.

As you progress you’ll discover that new areas offer new unique enemies to run down and slaughter. Such enemies include: Antifa faggots, buff niggers, kikes, jihadi dune coons and even glow in the dark CIA niggers.

R: 9 / I: 1
Anyone here watch movies in VR? I usually watch movies on my monitor while laying on my bed. I'm gonna see if there is a VR player for my smartphone and see if I want to buy a VR headset for it. I dunno what it'll be like.
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Cool vidya moments
R: 353 / I: 33  

bubsy 3d

bubsy 3d is a platform video game developed by Eidetic and published by Accolade for the PlayStation video game console. A Sega Saturn version was developed but never released. It is the fourth game in the Bubsy series as well as the first Bubsy game in 3D. The game was released on November 25, 1996 in North America- *Emergency Meeting* Discuss ways to carry this tactic forward and stay ahead of shill/bot adaptation to this technique. This board is relatively unknown and should provide us a bit of cover while we come up with ideas.
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"What Are You Listening to Right Now?"


Old thread: [redacted]
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'Tis the season, then
R: 3 / I: 1
Thw world's richest african
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Why dont pc peripheral makers care about people with certain disablements
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Uaral - Eternal Beauty of the Trees

Uaral - Eternal Beauty of the Trees

English translation:
The pretended smile of the lewdness that he lives on me,
No longer in case alone he makes alike
Upon never to smile of the trees…

Dawn: he falls to your feet a tear out of every star…
The night: he falls to your feet the unhappiness and the no love…

The great problem to breathe,
He is to want the impossible,
Making possible only
Another sigh that he propagates you to lashes the pain
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ITT games that absolutely shit on your already relatively low expectations

>You don't get extra points for being a contrarian, but there isn't anything particularly wrong with it, either
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King shit big F