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How do you do fellow anti-vaxxers.
Please leave your name and email address with this totally not suspicious sponsored and we'll get back to you soon.

Kind regards,



>i'm not vaccinated
<neither am i
>… okay now what
<hold on, somebody's knocking at my doo


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‘Wipe Jews Off the Face of the Earth’ Recording of Racist & Antisemitic Slurs by Viral YouTuber Leaked



Far-right YouTuber and former Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) said he would like Jewish people to be wiped off the face of the Earth, in an exclusive recording obtained by Byline Times.

In the recording, made during a party and shared with this newspaper by an anonymous source, 39-year-old Watson can be heard saying: “I really think you should press the button to wipe Jews off the face of the Earth.”

The recording was confirmed by three secondary sources. Byline Times contacted Watson, and his lawyers, with numerous requests for comment but received no response.

Watson uses a string of racist and homophobic epithets and claims that he is sick of “media f….t activists” sticking signs “up in my face trying to get me to join the gay f….t Palestinian cause. I don’t give a shit about Israel and Palestine. I care about white people. Not sand n….r Jew P..i f….t c..ns”.

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