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Were you outgoing as a child? in hindsight, I was a really friendly kid, who liked to start conversation with strangers, both kids and adults, but they were often mean to me. "Annoyance" usually wasn't the stated issue, but being "too negative" or 'too cocky' when talking about my opinions on things. This is while being in elementary school mind you, so I was probably talking about inane children's media. Anyway, I grew up to be a socially maladjusted adult after getting burned too many times.


No. described as quiet from a young age


I was very outgoing and happy before I realized and experienced the effects of Western degeneracy


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I was fine till my family was uprooted and then my dads alcoholism got really bad. From then is when my 'tism kicked into maximum overdrive. I have overcome it now though (for the most part) and my father has overcome his alcoholism aswell. God is good.


Wholesome, my dad's alcoholism got pretty bad after his surgeries, here's hoping he similarly sees a recovery.


God no. I was incredibly meek. Still am to a large degree albeit I can handle myself in most run of the mill situations like shopping or ordering through a drive thru


Yeah, I was, but my narc parents kept me isolated and constantly told me I was a shitty person so I didn't think I was.


Have you considered not being a degenerate?


I was really servile and silent, polite to a fault as my mom was very strict and had a temper plus ostracized in school for being always silent. I was never allowed to make friends cuz she was overprotective but as I have gotten older I learned it was because she was sexually abused as a child. I have no regrets, she made me a man of strong character and I am honest to a fault even if that makes me more dog than man


i dont think about the past, i did all the wrong things youre not supposed to do as a kid, e.g. never do homework, never study, made lots of careless life decisions like working as a paper boy from ages 10-17 when i shouldve applied to work as a clerk or fast food worker at 14, should've invested in bitcoin in 2009, etc.


You live and learn, fren. Nothing to be ashamed of.

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