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was talking with the massage girl yesterday after my 90 minute deep tissue
she was just asking me questions about things, id taken 100mg tramadol earlier and was kinda dazed
asked me if i had a girlfriend, who i lived with… i mentioned i drink too much
anyway i wanted to leave and she stood up and hugged me for some reason, kinda took me by surprise
am i that fucking pathetic


>asked me if i had a girlfriend, who i lived with

you tell that whore to fuck off


Maybe she wants to be your gf-or you looked sad while telling her the details of your life


she just wants a good tip.


lel the reference i guess


ever had a hooker give you that peck on the cheek shit like she's your aunt?


That's bullshit but I believe it.


I don't really see whats pathetic. Maybe she thought you were sweet and wanted to comfort you, a pretty ideal womanly gesture. Hugs are rare to come by for me these days :[


im gonna txt her later to see if she wants to get coffee or a drink
she's the same age and single
ive never done this before
all ive done for 15 years is browse imageboards and watch anime wtf am i even supposed to talk about


You got her number? Sheeit nigga.
>what am I even supposed to talk about
I'm ngl I feel like if I keep the power level hidden I'm actually a very interesting conversationalist BECAUSE of imageboards. There's a lot of things you could talk about, even politics-adjacent things-as long as you're able to obfuscate it a bit.


it's just the number of the establishment, pretty sure it's her phone
cant hurt right..

it's not so much having nothing to talk about it feels like im too far gone. too many years spent alone. mind warped by the internet


File: 1643699834261.jpg (58.49 KB, 720x720, 3b01464c037ebe35b230f7af2a….jpg)

she said yes to coffee on the weekend
this is nerve wracking
i feel like im gonna autistically fuck it up as per usual
help me lads


you probably will

I look forward to the embarrassing greentext


File: 1644630715366.jpg (521.2 KB, 1957x2763, 1627044879387.jpg)

well lads went on my date
we got lunch and talked then went back up the road to her "parlor" for a bit then i left
seemed ok, maybe will do something again
need to think of an activity to do

feels like my mind went over a hundred different scenarios and other bullshit that in the end didnt even matter
struggle to relax sober though


Congrats brother



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