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>"Insect foods will save the future!"
>single-use plastic pouch for 10g of food
the easiest way to save the future would be to drag every California-educated product designer onto the street and shoot them in the head


Hey, remember when they stopped caring about the environment for two years because Pfizer needed tendies and the oceans became flooded with masks?


I do member that
I hate the antichrist


Humanity deserves to die.


Your mom deserves my dick in her ass


>implying anybody would be able to find your shrimp dick


dubs confirm humanity sucks


Singles confirm your mom sicks my dick

Singles confirm you're wrong


Keep telling yourself that, shrimpy.



They killed the endangered horseshoe crabs without batting an eye either, because the synthetic alternative to the compound they produce is slightly more expensive and pfizer needs to get paid.

The normie wagecuck really is just an automaton that just does what the tv tells him to do.



File: 1652528282560.png (1.09 MB, 854x684, Screenshot_4.png)

>Sustainable garden
>Some chink, has some annoying cunt dog which barks and kills wildlife


I doubt that little lapdog can do much killing


my mum has a greenhouse on commieblock balcony with some tomatoes in pots why isn't world press amazed


Is your mom a relatively cute asian that does "favors" for attention?

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