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>Instructions to concentration camp commandants to lower the death rate and increase the strength of inmate workers
>…every means must be used to lower the death rate in the camp.
>I hold the Camp Commandant and the Chief of the Camp Administration personally responsible for exhausting of every possibility of maintaining the physical strength of the prisoners.

>In this one page letter to the CC (concentration camp) commandants, MAURER states that the physical condition of prisoners on admittance to CC's is so bad that many of them have to be hospitalized and therefore are useless for work.

>Instructions concerning the use of the labor camp at Sobibor (in Lublin) for processing ammunition
>1.The transient camp (transit camp) of Sobibor in the district of Lublin is to be transformed into a concentration camp. In this concentration camp a depot for the dismantling of captured ammunition has to be set up.
>4. At the same time a depot for the manufacturing of our multiple mortars or other ammunition is to be set up in this concentration camp.

>Die gesamte Aktion Reinhardt zerfällt in 4 Giebete:
>A) die Aussiedlung selbst
>B) die Verwertung der Arbeitskraft
>C) die Sachverwertung
>D) die Einbringung verborgener Werte und Immobilien


File: 1643565993044.mp4 (1.26 MB, 854x480, Great story, man.mp4)

>Driven by crooked Claims Conference employees, former employees and other conspirators would recruit people—some unwitting—who weren’t eligible for the program (mostly individuals of the Jewish faith in the Russian immigrant community) to take part in the fraud.
>To make it appear that applicants were eligible, identification documents were often altered (for example, a birth date was changed to make it appear that applicants were born during or before World War II) and fake Nazi persecution stories were often made up.
>Fraudulent applications were reviewed and approved by corrupt Claims Conference employees.


>zoomer /pol/sters don't even know the context of this image probably, unlike us Chon Chads who know the context of everything, ever



There was a letter of Goebbels' I recall reading, referring to an organized campaign of "terror propaganda" (death camps, human experimentation etc.) with regards to German treatment of prisoners I saw on one of those "personal websites" for one of the camps (I wish I could remember which one. I think it was Belzec or Dachau). Through that I'm lead me to believe that the Germans were well aware of this content even as it was being created and it wasn't a sort of last minute surprise it's usually framed as in revisionist circle. Looking through other old documents for that pair of terms specifically might yield interesting results-perhaps someone from either side already has. The note was shared so readily on the website with the assumption of the viewer believing the narrative-but if you look at it from a more neutral perspective it reads as an issue of genuine concern.


File: 1643572138119.mp4 (2.54 MB, 720x480, Documents are wrong.mp4)

>The rumor, however, that the Jews were being killed in the manner which is now known to the entire world would not be silenced. When I expressed the wish to visit the SS workshop near Lublin, in order to get some idea of the value of the work that was being done, I was told that special permission from Heinrich Himmler was required.
>I asked Heinrich Himmler for this special permission. He said that he would urge me not to go to the camp. Again some time passed. On 7 February 1944 I succeeded in being received by Adolf Hitler personally-I might add that throughout the war he received me three times only. In the presence of Bormann I put the question to him: "My Fuehrer, rumors about the extermination of the Jews will not be silenced. They are heard everywhere. No one is allowed in anywhere. Once I paid a surprise visit to Auschwitz in order to see the camp, but I was told that there was an epidemic in the camp and my car was diverted before I got there. Tell me, My Fuehrer, is there anything in it?" The Fuehrer said, "You can very well imagine that there are executions going on-of insurgents. Apart from that I do not know anything. Why don't you speak to Heinrich Himmler about it?" And I said. "Well, Himmler made a speech to us in Krakow and declared in front of all the people whom I had officially called to the meeting that these rumors about the systematic extermination of the Jews were false; the Jews were merely being brought to the East." Thereupon the Fuehrer said, "Then you must believe that."

>SIR DAVID MAXWELL-FYFE: You did not know to what degree, but you knew there was a policy that aimed at the extermination of the Jews?
>Goering: No, a policy of emigration, not liquidation of the Jews.


Another half-redpiller again. Thinks that exposing Jewish behaviour isn't antisemitism. Obviously it is. Probably thinks that big White families are not White supremacist. Ofc they are because they create more Whites and more Whites = more White power, generally.


So falling White birthrates are bad but rising White birthrates are somehow not good for us? NPC alt-righter.


>Documents are wrong.mp4

I wonder how many of the documents contain human errors? How do you prove 6 000 000 actually died in the camps and by the hands of the Einsatzgruppe instead of getting scattered around various countries after the war?


At the end of the day, the Holocaust is obviously a grossly overblown story of kike lies. Instances of actual liquidation were few and far between, disciplined, and only escalated near the end of the war. An easing of disciplining towards that escalation by Himmler, which took place without Hitler's awareness, still does not, within the timeframe it took place, grant any possibility of any number anywhere near of 6 million intentional deaths when you look at the capabilities of the camps to gas or shoot or even bury that many people. The logistics are just not there.


Recall that two brothers were reunited after decades of separation thanks to a gelevision interview featuring David Cole and Ernst Zundel, I believe. They couldn't have been the only ones.


I was going to correct that typo but I found it too funny to bother heh
Sounds Y*ddish.
>"Oy vey Harold, that Schwrtz comedian you like is on the gelevision!:


File: 1643739690763.mp4 (5.82 MB, 854x480, Gas chamber at Thereisenst….mp4)

>…have accurate knowledge of certain things which they have not actually seen with their own eyes. The prisoners at the camps speak about these things as though they had actually seen them.
>It was the unanimous opinion of our committee after talking to hundreds of prisoners that this third kind of evidence was often as accurate and reliable as the two kinds of direct evidence above referred to. An example of this kind of evidence will be found in that part of our report dealing with the torture chamber at Buchenwald, where no one actually saw the strangulations perpetrated in this chamber, but where the circumstantial evidence of it was so complete and clear as to leave no doubt in the mind of anyone.
>A distinguishing feature of the Dachau Camp was the gas chamber for the execution of prisoners and the somewhat elaborate facilities for execution by shooting.

Reminder that when the American troops liberated Dachau and Buchenwald there were hundreds of eye witnesses that claimed people got gassed at Dachau and strangled to death in Buchenwald. Both of these claims were proven false. Any kind of hearsay was accepted blindly.


>have not actually seen with their own eyes.

lol, that’s the Holocaust in a nutshell.


Sounds antisemitic.


File: 1644000344030.png (508.26 KB, 1146x1118, 1643218200030.png)

>Zukunft darf daher Blausäure nur noch zur Vergasung von Baracken in Konzentrationslägern verwendet werden.
In the future therefore, cyanide gas may only be used for the fumigation of barracks in the concentration camps.
- Joachim Mrugowsky, SS Hygiene Institute

It is kind of ironic that people really believe the gassing myth when even the Germans during the war had to conserve their Zyklon-B for delousing the facilities around the camps. You need huge amounts to kill lice and there was a limited supply.


I wonder why historians never mention this? Could it be bias, perhaps?



lol, are you some kind of holocaust denier?! You have to take everything at face value and never question anything.


That server seems pretty autistic.


So they could only use Zyklon-B for delousing the barracks? Wow! How anti-liceitic. Never forget the 6 million lice!


You mean 6 trillion, goy.


Actually…it was 40 quintillions.


File: 1644677203684.mp4 (977.7 KB, 854x480, Water came down instead of….mp4)

>SAUCKEL: I confirm that my signature is appended to this document. I ask the Tribunal's permission to state how that signature came about.
>This document was presented to me in its finished form. I asked to be allowed to read and study this document in my cell in Oberursel and decide whether I could sign it. That was denied me. During the conversation an officer was consulted who, I was told, belonged to the Polish or Russian army; and it was made clear to me that if I hesitated too long in signing this document I would be handed over to the Russian authorities. Then this Polish or Russian officer entered and asked, "Where is Sauckel's family? We know Sauckel, of course we will take him with us; but his family will have to be taken into Russian territory as welt" I am the father of 10 children. I did not stop to consider; and thinking of my family, I signed this document.

Communists threatening Germans and their families seem to be a recurring theme for extracting "confessions".

>The 'final solution' of the Jewish question meant the complete extermination of all Jews in Europe. I was ordered to establish extermination facilities at Auschwitz in June 1941. At that time, there were already in the General Government three other extermination camps: Belzek, Treblinka, and Wolzek.
> 2,500,000 victims were executed and exterminated there by gassing and burning

1. Treblinka was built in April 1942 and Belzek in November 1941 so they couldn't have been used as extermination camps during June 1941.
2. Wolzek is a camp that doesn't even exist.
3. There are no official records that support the 2 500 000 claim.

Whoever wrote this "confession" was not a high ranking SS-officer.


Poor woman. Water showers are the Jews natural enemy.


They fear clean environments. They can only thrive in shit.


They're parasites.


They like everything that is the opposite of stable and healthy.


What a weird confession. Nothing is accurate.


That's what happens when you let the philosemitic victors write history books full of forced confessions.





You mean lolocaust.


It is funny because it did not happen.


>Mr. Hubert was sent to Buchenwald. In the camp there was a cage with a bear and an eagle, he said. Every day, they would throw a Jew in there. The bear would tear him apart and the eagle would pick at his bones. But that's unbelievable, whispered a visitor. It is unbelievable, said Mr. Hubert, but it happened.

It happened, goy.


File: 1645690289152.jpg (101.99 KB, 801x534, lel.jpg)

>cage with a bear and an eagle
>bear would tear him apart and the eagle would pick at his bones


Ponder this: you work for a newspaper, interviewing this "survivor" and have to sit there with a straight face as he spews this nonsense. Jews are natural born liars .


My bad. Propaganda outlet.


File: 1645968938807.mp4 (2.49 MB, 854x480, Gypsy has sex with quadrip….mp4)

The whole Holocaust narrative is a farce. How anyone takes it seriously is beyond me.


File: 1645974590885.png (92.58 KB, 857x725, B7BD37D8-9B8E-4058-AAE4-7B….png)

how does a paralyzed drawf get it up?


File: 1646027580784.png (233.3 KB, 500x476, that-moment-when-you-can-s….png)

I don't know which is more hilarious. That the BBC actually let him tell his bullshit story in front of a camera or that people really believe it happened.


lol wtf


If this "testimony" doesn't prove that Jews are pathological liars I don't know what will.





File: 1646404363122.jpg (6.81 KB, 241x181, a fucking nigger.jpg)

>Oh, really?


I live in massachusetts shitlord.


File: 1646492548991-0.png (1.91 MB, 1161x1199, big titty negro.png)

File: 1646492548991-1.jpg (2.71 MB, 2168x2284, pet nigger.jpg)

>It was common practice to remove the skin from dead prisoners. I was commanded to do this on many occasions. Dr. Rascher and Dr. Wolter in particular asked for 'this human skin from human backs and chests. It was chemically treated and placed in the sun to dry. After that it was cut into various sizes for use as saddles, riding breeches, gloves, house slippers, and ladies' handbags. Tattooed skin was especially valued by SS men.

The Germans were trying to fill their wardrobes with various (literal) Jewish clothes.


>house slippers



I wonder if they were trying to make a whole H&M collection in Auschwitz.


Damn, those titties!


File: 1646714425977-0.jpg (79.37 KB, 660x670, 1646366623776.jpg)

File: 1646714425977-1.png (2 MB, 1600x2560, Adolf the witch hunter.png)

Ya, mon.


So Hitler was part of the Inquisition? Wow!


Jews are the biggest pedophiles on this planet.



3 years old? Deranged.


Reminder that the whole Jewish religion is messed up beyond repair.


It was never good to begin with. Abraham ruined the world.


No, Avid is.


avid comes from the tribe of abraham


File: 1646952187198.jpeg (57.79 KB, 940x705, 8ADEC98D-5A95-4734-80E6-4….jpeg)

awwwww right.


Baby fuck.




File: 1647096257265-0.png (42.31 KB, 808x944, 1646765971932.png)

File: 1647096257265-1.jpg (883.63 KB, 1621x3000, 1478277596094.jpg)

>I refer further to the report of the State Extraordinary Commission relative to the crimes in the city of Kiev. This report describes murders in the camps which will be also shown in the films today. I quote only one quotation from this report, which shows the methods of extermination of people in the Syretzk Camp. I quote Page 289 Paragraph 3, of the Russian text:
>"Radomsky and Rieder used all kinds of devices for the extermination of Soviet citizens. For instance, they invented the following method of murder: Several Soviet prisoners would be forced to climb a tree and others had to saw it down. The prisoners would fall together with the tree and be killed."

The Germans were true cartoon villains.


I like how sperglin transforms into a nigger lol


you caught me fugg


I wonder what the Soviets were thinking when they made up this story? "Hmmmm, what if the evil nazis were like Tom and Jerry?".


The Russians pretty much fabricated the whole Holocaust narrative.


Considering that the Soviets liberated all the so-called death camps it doesn't really surprise me.


not the russians, the kikes in the politburo


>MR. JUSTICE JACKSON: And certain experiments were also conducted and certain researches conducted in atomic energy, were they not?
>SPEER: We had not got as far as that, unfortunately, because the finest experts we had in atomic research had emigrated to America, and this had thrown us back a great deal in our research, so that we still needed another year or two in order to achieve any results in the splitting of the atom.
>MR. JUSTICE JACKSON: Now, I have certain information, which was placed in my hands, of an experiment which was carried out near Auschwitz and I would like to ask you if you heard about it or knew about it. The purpose of the experiment was to find a quick and complete way of destroying people without the delay and trouble of shooting and gassing and burning, as it had been carried out, and this is the experiment, as I am advised. A village, a small village was provisionally erected, with temporary structures, and in it approximately 20,000 Jews were put. By means of this newly invented weapon of destruction, these 20,000 people were eradicated almost instantaneously, and in such a way that there was no trace left of them

Never forget the 20 000 billions that got vaporized by atomic nazis. The nazis were so clever as to destroy every trace of their horrific crimes against humanity.


Look at it this way: all the enemies of Germany were so buttholocausted over their superior military and technology that they had to spread rumours about genocide and make up tons of lies. As a whole the Holocaust seem to be more of a meme.


The Holocaust isn’t proven. If you want to get technical then you could look at the chemical residues in the alleged ”gas chamber” in Auschwitz. The levels are so low in terms of detectability which means you could find the same amount of hydrogen cyanide nearby any freeway.

>Ambient measurements of HCN in a traffic dominated area of Toronto, Canada were strongly correlated to vehicle emission markers and consistent with regional air quality model predictions of ambient air HCN, indicating that vehicle emissions of HCN are the dominant source of exposure in urban areas.

Literally any urban area could be classified as a homicidal gas chamber in terms of HCN measurements.


When you think about it, it's kind of odd. The delousing chambers have blue stains because Zyklon-B had been used inside of them while the remnants of the underground homicidal gas chamber do not have the slightest trace of blue stains. Even if you find hydrogen cyanide in the homicidal gas chamber, how do you prove it isn't hydrogen cyanide that came from the surrounding factories? The Germans had a chemical plant as well as armament production around Auschwitz so the soil could have been polluted in various ways.




Gassing people to death is retarded. Waste of resources and time. Just let them starve and you don't need to use a slow and tedious pesticide.


>you don't need to use a slow and tedious pesticide.
They didn't fucking use it to kill people in the first place.


I guess you didn't catch my obvious irony. Zyklon-B needs time to evaporate and is by default a moronic killing weapon since you have to leave it out in the open and wait for it to kill everyone.


I love when people used buzzwords like 'holocaust denial'. You cannot question this event without being labeled as the most evil person to walk the earth.


It is cognitive dissonance. The holohoax is sacred but everything else is fine to doubt.


If you don't obsess over Jewish suffering and trauma you are evil. Their feelings, history and experiences are more important than yours.


File: 1647793821463.mp4 (6.44 MB, 854x480, Gassed Jews turned to fuel.mp4)

>In this same report, in the last paragraph on Page 136 of the document book, we may read that Camp Belsen was founded in 1940; but it was in 1942 that the special electrical appliances were built in for mass extermination of people. Under the pretext that the people were being led to the bath-house, the doomed were undressed and then driven to the building where the floor was electrified in a special way; there they were killed.

The Germans were such devilish people that they converted corpses into gasoline and had electric execution floors.


lol, all these “survivor” testimonies seem to be based on not only hearsay but also extreme fantasies. The Germans were technologically superior to all other nations during WWII so it is not surprising that some Jews make up stories about human soap, various clothes and furniture made of human skin and corpse fuel. Like a poorly written horror movie.


Corpse fuel sounds more like sci-fi.


I thought the Holocaust couldn't get more ridiculous. Guess I was wrong.


I used to believe in the Holocaust…but then I grew up.


Same here.


Nobody actually believes it. They get brainwashed.


Keep in mind that Jewish people also get brainwashed into believing it. Their grandparents tell them bullshit stories which in turn make them paranoid for life.


Based "Defamation" film enjoyer


I second this.


Good documentary.


Finklestein is just a sissy, liberal KIKE! I can't even say he's based in this particular circumstances, because he's just high on his own tribe's supply for the most part, and he wants to sap a source of their strength for the sake of globohomo essentially.


Finkelstein was in the Defamation documentary but he only had a bit part where he acts a bit standoffish to the director, really. The real based KIKE in the movie is director Yoav Shamir's old yenta mommy who appears right in the beginning and gives the American/European diasp-soyra J*ws a heckin' piece of her mind heh


Jews are crooks.
-grandma Goldburgsteinowitzshoahmann


>The real based KIKE in the movie is director Yoav Shamir's old yenta mommy who appears right in the beginning and gives the American/European diasp-soyra J*ws a heckin' piece of her mind heh
I think I remember. Is that the video where she says the reason these KIKES don't live in Israel is because they're lazy and want to exploit the goyim instead of actually having to work?


The very same heh


File: 1648335989871.mp4 (3.58 MB, 854x480, Jews are crooks.mp4)


She's right, you know.




What is worse is that most Jews all know that what she is saying is true but they would never admit it.


>telling the truth

lül, that only applies when they are among themselves. Lying to the goyim is standard behaviour.


Can't argue with that.


Here is a jewish joke for you:
>One goy businessman goes to the other and asks him how his business is doing, the other replies "great"



Part of the joke is that goyim don't get it


>The formula proactively annuls any personal or religious oaths or prohibitions made upon oneself to God for the next year, so as to preemptively avoid the sin of breaking vows made to God which cannot be or are not upheld.

They even have ritual prayers that abolish any commandment against lying, stealing and murder.


>be Abraham
>make a covenant with some almighty being by chopping off your foreskin
>be Moses
>be given divine instructions on a mountain by some almighty being on how to live your life
>for some reason you can just dismiss all this from the creator of the universe by simply reciting a prayer

This is how you know they are charlatans and con artists. Their religion is literally a schizophrenic delusion that gets enforced by made up laws. Jews create a book of prohibitions and customs and can, at will, toss it aside whenever it suits them. No wonder that they get persecuted.


They're desert gypsies. Natural born scammers.


File: 1648973023114.mp4 (3.93 MB, 854x480, The Jewish Way.mp4)

Jews are psychopaths.


That man seem to be a genuine follower of Yahweh, the mass murdering god of the Old Testament. So peaceful and persecuted for no apparent reason.


Of course Jews are persecuted for no reason at all. I mean, why would anyone get tired of hearing some inbred foreskin munching schizophrenics talk about how they're special snowflakes and demand that everyone should bow down to them? Can't imagine how that is possible.


>[ - ]


File: 1649064271806.jpg (155.43 KB, 473x398, 143320861685.jpg)


JIDF buttholocaust.


Jews have always been a burden for everyone else. Insufferable narcissists.


I doubt Jews are aware how arrogant they are.


File: 1649183115696.mp4 (4.22 MB, 426x240, Billions of goyim.mp4)


Wow, enslavement of the entire world population seem like a really benevolent and philanthropic goal. How could anyone be antisemitic when you get a deal like that?


Slavery is good, goy. Trust me.


No, it means "I'm a innocent, wrongfully accused minority in every country I inhabit that just wants to make sure that my fellow citizens have a good time and never lose sight of what is important and that is to cater to my every need and desire since I'm not an egotistical asshole".


I think you're right.


I hate Jews so much it is unreal.


Me too, buddy.


If you do not hate Jews you are probably some drugged-out hippie moron.


Or a tranny.


Or a mentally ill communist/leftist/shitskin.


File: 1649573156623.mp4 (8.5 MB, 600x480, Average Jewess.mp4)

Your hatred is justified.


File: 1649601121638.jpg (2.31 MB, 2500x3746, dark-crystal-age-resistanc….jpg)

>Pic related is "her".


Her who? Dogstralia?


File: 1649617293019.jpg (90.32 KB, 976x549, _107562405_dc_ss_03422_r20….jpg)

No. Pic related is dog.


Absolutely disgusting. Jews are AIDS.


File: 1649658281634.png (1.02 MB, 796x623, resaved for 4chon.png)

Its bess price you absolute retard hook fingers


Jews are every disaster blended into one.


Whiteoids pretend to be local Australian fauna in order to get government bux.


domestic violence doesn't go far enough, abos should be [redacted]


so fucking based


When she goes on a supremacist tirade it just proves that Jews suffer from severe psychological disorders.


It is quite scary when you think about it. Jews are like a virulent disease that perpetuates itself, hostile to any environment they're in and immediately gets defensive when confronted.


They need servile, brainwashed Holohoax worshippers.


Fortunately for us her entire belief system is merely a figment of her imagination.




Schizo Jews, bad news.


File: 1650047596495-0.mp4 (12 MB, 854x480, Holohoax Museum.mp4)

File: 1650047596495-1.png (807.13 KB, 756x940, 1650043210458.png)

File: 1650047596495-2.png (329.09 KB, 638x544, 1650044946681.png)

The whole Holocaust is a giant schizophrenic delusion.


Lol white """men""" are so pathetic


lol you're an obese failed artist that will die alone


based af thread
post all you have owlpee, please.


File: 1650131056565-0.png (590.02 KB, 729x938, Landreth.png)

File: 1650131056565-1.mp4 (359.13 KB, 320x240, It was real in my mind.mp4)

>go to this website
>click [Series 3: General Correspondence of Roswell D. McClelland: January 1944-July 1945]
>download pdf for Jews in Europe (1), July-August 1944
>find this letter (pic related)

The US government official Landreth M. Harrison wrote this letter that confirmed that ‘Ausrottung’ and ‘Entjudung’ do not imply killing, and that to suggest they do would be a mistranslation.


File: 1650258836072.png (40.42 KB, 663x386, hiiv pos.png)

>to merely criticise immigration to WHITE countries is seen as antisemitism

But when we mention that canada, alaska, USA, newzealand, south africa, argentina, were invaded and the real indigenous people are not white, TO MERELY SAY THE TRUTH HAS ACCUSATIONS OF ANTIWHITENESS THROWN AT US



you're like 1/16 abo stfu


Good to know that the Germans were only removing Jews from Europe and not killing them intentionally.


I have seen the term 'ausrotten' several times when talking about the Holocaust and it always seems to make zero sense.


Its 1/8th according to the early colonisation law, i thought you europeans were meant to be good at math ):




The holohoax is not really based on physical evidence. It is all about goofy "survivor" testimonies and mental gymnastics.


If you read the Posen speeches by Himmler he mentions first that the Jews are to be evacuated (Judenevakuierung) and then he talks about uprooting (Ausrottung). It becomes fairly obvious that to evacuate the Jews means to uproot them from their homes and countries and not to exterminate them. Holohoax historians try to play this off as confirmation that they meant killing but it makes no sense at all to, in a secret meeting in front of the entire SS, talk in coded language when you all already know what the purpose of the operation is. The Holohoax narrative is so flimsy and poorly formulated that only a literal moron would believe it at face value.




File: 1650525631562.mp4 (11.18 MB, 1280x720, 1650482097583.mp4)

>MR. DODD: Are you very serious in pressing this apparent inability of yours to agree with me about this ward or are you trying to kill time? Don't you know that there are plenty of people in this courtroom who speak German and who agree that that word does mean to "wipe out," to "extirpate?"
>ROSENBERG: It means "to overcome" on one side and then it is to be used not with respect to individuals but rather to juridical entities, to certain historical traditions. On the other side this word has been used with respect to the German people and we have also not believed that in consequence thereof 60 millions of Germans would be shot.

Even national socialists like Alfred Rosenberg didn't believe it means extermination. I think that what is happening is the following: you have to be extremely autistic if you can't grasp that words have more than one meaning.






The Holocaust didn't happen. Pretty obvious.


>you have to be extremely autistic if you can't grasp that words have more than one meaning.

You are correct, sir, I have autism and I believe the Holocaust happened.


I believe it happened in Minecraft.


Where did you find this video of me?


File: 1650861825078-0.jpg (542.02 KB, 1750x2500, b4947bed2880a2d4.jpg)

File: 1650861825078-1.mp4 (1.86 MB, 854x480, 3626aad2f1b20afe.mp4)

On the Internet.


Ugly hook-nosed liar.


lawl at that video


Thanks to the Holocaust my autism got improved.



I grew up in a Jewish neighbourhood and whenever I didn't think about the Holocaust 24/7 then suddenly rabbis started to spontaneously combust on the streets, covering the pavement with tons of ashes.




I am a neckbeard with AIDS. I love gay people and immigrants. Thanks, Jews.





Time to kill yourself.


Outdoorsy timeshare with state-of-the art security, soccer fields, and movie theaters. The holocaust didn't happen.


The Holocaust could only happen in Hollywood because it isn't realistic.


Hollywood should cast more African Americans to portray the roles of the Nazis.


And they should cast Asians as Jews.


hollywood should cast dogstralia as the blob in an x-men movie


Don't forget you need some minorities being represented…like eskimos. They could play the gypsies being interned in the camps.


Only if among those minorities would only be the brown-skinned and blonde Dutch, the most oppressed minority in the spectre of the Holocaust. In Dreaming, the Holocaust turned the Dutch skin white.



The Holocaust is a joke. A really funny joke.


take your meds


File: 1651603935465.mp4 (1.17 MB, 854x480, Russians eating ass.mp4)

It is funny. Everything surrounding it is comical.




Out of all the body parts you can eat, they chose the ass. Soviet Russians were faggot necrophagists.


Russians are closeted homosexuals.


unlike the decadent lgbt+ homogay in the west, russian male sodomoy is patriotic, trad and based. it establishes traditional imperial social hierarchy and only one who is forced to take the dick or broomstick is the faggot so it's not gay.


The West is full of homosexuals that indoctrinate their children to become trannies but they are also nazis.
t. Putin



American boomer: You want to mildly restrict my freedom? Nazi!
Russian boomer: You don't like and support everything Russia does? Nazi!

no one in that generation knows what a Nazi is


File: 1651726245720.jpg (32.64 KB, 594x582, 15c.jpg)

Being a le nazi is le bad because your opinion must le be the same as le mine, le le le. If you le don't have le same opinion as le me you are le nazi, le le le le.


Le this tbqh


>Russians eating ass.mp4

Goy, never forget the 6 000 000 butt cheeks.


You ass bigot! It was 40 billion butt cheeks.


The Assocaust. 900 trillion Russian asses were roasted.


File: 1651764702742.jpg (110.38 KB, 720x921, Screenshot_20220505-113012….jpg)

Zoomers will never understand


Russians love ass. Ancient Slavic cuisine.





I wonder what spices they used in the camps. Roasted ass sounds extremely dry.


File: 1651843401976.png (79.8 KB, 593x792, FMVRDxPXEAIVufA.png)

Grumpy tea, yes, I'd like that.


File: 1651996748476.webm (1.09 MB, 1280x704, 1651095391927.webm)


File: 1652004202369.mp4 (1.92 MB, 360x480, Remember The 6 Gorillion.mp4)


I never forget the six gorillion. I have a big billboard outside of my window that reads: "1 gorillion? 2, 3, 4 or 5 gorillion? No, it was six."


I have my alarm clock set to daily remind me of the unspeakable suffering that the Jews went through. It is so important that I sometimes forget to eat or take a shit when thinking about the 6 googolplex.


I do too. I even named my son 6 and my daughter gorillion.


Well….the Holocaust never happened so I would call those posters false advertising.




It requires some next level autism to constantly remind yourself of an event that never happened.


Have you read the Talmud? Ultra autistic ramblings about nothing relevant. You can tell that the rabbis that wrote the Talmud must have been pretty deranged people.


File: 1652412153182.jpg (213.25 KB, 735x866, Gassed 6 times.jpg)


No wonder there are so many "survivors". Zyklon-B is so shitty that you have to gas them multiple times.


lol, the holocaust is so fake


What gave it away? The lack of physical evidence or the ridiculous stories?


File: 1652605351929.mp4 (2.12 MB, 854x480, Jew sausages.mp4)

It is a combination of both, obviously.


Let’s unpack this:

1) She was in Auschwitz and they sometimes pumped gas through shower heads
2) They made purses and lampshades from Jewish prisoners skin
3) They made soap out of dead Jews
4) They made sausages out of Jewish flesh

Yikes and oof! This story is really problematic.


I thought Jews were supposed to be intelligent but it turns out they are gullible retards that spout hearsay. It probably started as a game of Chinese whispers where the first Jew said they were going to be deported to the East and the last Jew hears human sausage factories.


What is even more retarded about the Holocaust is that the Germans, for some reason, decided that all the labor camps where they didn't engage in "systematic extermination" of Jews had to have cremation ovens while all the "extermination" camps in the occupied Soviet territories like Sobibor or Treblinka had none. Why do you send people to camps where you have no ovens if you already got a plethora of other camps that have ovens? Getting rid of mountains of corpses seem a lot easier if you have ovens and not pits in the ground where you have to construct shitty pyres.


The Holocaust is fairy tale. It doesn't have to make sense.


youre right, hitler didnt even hate jews right


No more tears, only butthurt now.


Good point.


If the Germans really would have hated the Jews with a burning, surreal cartoonish hatred that you only see in Hollywood movies, and their main goal was to wipe out every living Jew on the planet, then they would never have signed the Haavara Agreement and let thousands of Jews leave Germany.


The Haavara Agreement with the NSDAP, I think, is similar in most modern respects to J-hnny Depp's trial for the ACLU.


File: 1652864070486.jpeg (16.25 KB, 559x549, 1651354943586.jpeg)

Dalits be like


Another reason why the Holohoax narrative is ridiculous.


The Holoshekelshoahcaust.



you are gay


File: 1652948068823.mp4 (4.71 MB, 1080x1080, I hate Jews.mp4)


you are NEL


Good negro.


She has got a good point.


File: 1652963870891.mp4 (4.27 MB, 640x350, redditsave.com_repost_32_y….mp4)

Oh yes.


I agree with her sentiment.


g_d bless Lequeefa


Most people do. Jews are obnoxious and annoying. Self-absorbed to the core.


No one would miss Israel if it got nuked.


File: 1653159729415.mp4 (1.8 MB, 854x480, Titty wallets with nipples.mp4)

>M. DUBOST: Did they skin people?
>BALACHOWSKY: They removed the skin and then tanned it.
>M. DUBOST: Will you continue your testimony on that point?
>BALACHOWSKY: I saw SS men come out of Block 2, the Pathological Block, carrying tanned skins under their arms. I know, from my comrades who worked in Pathological Block 2, that there were orders for skins; and these tanned skins were given as gifts to certain guards and to certain visitors, who used them to bind books.

As we all know, the Holocaust was the most horrific crime to ever be perpetrated. The poor Jews were slaughtered and turned into wallets and books.


Everytime I check this thread the Holocaust turns more and more into a Looney Tunes skit.


lmao what


Pig sounds brain injured, mind telling me if the Jews wore skin football helmets for their Auschwitz football field?


Let's dig up one of their family members and run it over on the fucking highway.


Line up 12 of them and run them all over, like with a monster truck.


They probably wore jockstraps made from dead gypsies.


And shoes made from strangled homosexuals.


the ball was a freemason's skull wrapped in pages from jehovah's witness pamphlets


Auschwitz also had a drive-in movie theater to serve cheeseburgers in roller-blades.


Sounds great. McAdolf with Zyklon fries.


The McManagement means them well and gives them the helping hand, but sometimes I think the hateful wage slaves don't mind their own business.






Sometimes you begin to wonder how people can actually believe such blatant lies without questioning anything they hear. It is as if their intelligence is the same as that of a cactus.


File: 1655268272078-0.mp4 (2.21 MB, 472x480, 1655268063850-0.mp4)

File: 1655268272078-1.jpg (32.9 KB, 540x720, 1655268063850-1.jpg)

>In the Ganov camp 200,000 peaceful citizens were exterminated. The most refined methods of cruelty were employed in this extermination, such as disembowelling and the freezing of human beings in tubs of water. Mass shootings took place to the accompaniment of the music of an orchestra recruited from the persons interned.

The nazis had a profound sense of taste when they annihilated the Jews. Using orchestral music during executions gives you that melodramatic Hollywood ambiance that conveys how terrifying it was. I bet they would have won an Academy Award for best original screenplay, lmao. Come on, who can believe this shit, OP?


Gullible goyim.


When you thoroughly research the Holocaust it gets harder and harder to believe it happened.


File: 1655363336886-0.mp4 (8.45 MB, 854x480, not real.mp4)

File: 1655363336886-1.mp4 (2.48 MB, 640x480, soap.mp4)

File: 1655363336886-2.mp4 (3.52 MB, 640x480, more soap.mp4)

My grandfather was turned into a toilet brush, you antisemite!


Fucking kikes.





File: 1655434453578.mp4 (3.33 MB, 854x480, Dachau gas chamber.mp4)

Pretty much. The Allies used tons of fabricated evidence during the Nuremberg trials and what's worse is that all these horror stories that originated in the camps are mere hearsay. They even made a movie about the Dachau gas chamber, that hundreds of prisoners claimed had been used for killing inmates, but in reality was never used for such purposes. It is self-evident that the Holocaust isn't accurately portrayed as a real historical event because there is so much propaganda surrounding it.


Nice shower. 6 000 000 pants and shirts were disinfected, obviously.


File: 1655466484891-0.png (229.57 KB, 1110x642, 1655466217858-1.png)

File: 1655466484891-1.png (35.72 KB, 600x280, 1655466217858-0.png)

>This photograph shows the gas chamber at Dachau Concentration Camp, where Jewish prisoners were murdered en masse.

Whoever is responsible for this "historical" society never graduated from high school.


Either this website is run by retards or they try to mislead people.


File: 1655654906443.jpg (56.63 KB, 469x504, Dachau.jpg)



The Holocaust is a lie.


File: 1656104090642.mp4 (1.08 MB, 496x480, Zero proof.mp4)

Can't argue with that.


Complete and utter fiction.


6 000 000 fairy tales.


kek webm



You mean schizophrenic delusions.


Exactly what he meant.


never 10get the 6 septibillion


reparations will be deliberate and pinful heh


That is a lot of billions.



A lot of billions that never happened.


File: 1656604655248-0.mp4 (9.29 MB, 854x480, A closer look.mp4)

File: 1656604655248-1.png (589.28 KB, 1184x926, Semitism.png)

It was a good story, though. You could almost believe it.


Good mp4.




File: 1656886344611.jpg (235.92 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20220703-231114….jpg)

im stoned and itd be keks if this happened one day


the idea is that the rover would instantly tumble down into a void of moonsand and high slopes


You are welcome.


Being stoned is like believing the holohoax. It is comforting at first but then the effect wears off and reality hits you.


nah it doesnt lol


Yeah, it does, lul.


it does if you believe it does


Most Jews are stoners so it doesn't surprise me that their schizo delusions about gas chambers seem authentic.


why do jews all wear glasses


They read their legalistic religious texts while swaying back and forth in prayer. This destroys a human's eyesight.


Cursed with shitty genetics due to inbreeding.


high levels of literacy



Pure filth.


File: 1657277877288.jpg (566.99 KB, 1400x787, oie_zmjQEc18kaed.jpg)


With Jews you lose, buddy.


File: 1657562813995.mp4 (5.84 MB, 856x480, Heroes.mp4)

Thank goodness the Allies saved the world from German oppression.


Thank you, based poster. Your video has more widely advanced insights than the nigger-ruined show "Hogan's Heroes".


You're welcome. Never forget the 6 billions.



File: 1658575149262.mp4 (3.08 MB, 854x480, 1941.mp4)

>Report on the realization of textile-salvage from the Jewish resettlement up to the present date.

Whenever you see pictures of giant piles of shoes just remember that they collected clothes from Jews inside the camps so they could transport the garments to racial Germans in the Ukraine, for example, as this letter states. Notice also that they say resettlement and not extermination.


Clearly if you see a pile of shoes that automatically means the owners were murdered. Everybody knows that.


>295 posts omitted

I aint readin all this shizzle nigguh

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