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Nu Yong

>Atari Is Disgustingly Selling NFT Loot Boxes To Celebrate 50th Anniversary


>Ubisoft Exec Laughably Defends NFTs By Complaining Players "Don't Get It", And It Goes Very Poorly


NFTS are great at giving retards something to throw their excess into, therefore alleviating real hyperinflation of the currency despite how JUSTED it's been these past few years.


fuck sake lol


>alleviating real hyperinflation of the currency despite how JUSTED it's been these past few years
Any truth to the theory that maybe this was the point of Bitcoin and cypto from the beginning?
I heard some podcast alleging that Bitcoin was a side project of the Paypal mafia, using Satoshi Nakamoto as an alias, while working as a cutout on behalf of glowies to try and accomplish such a thing.
I got in and out of crypto early on and stopped paying attention, so I don't know how common place that kind of speculation is at this point.
Maybe the podcast I heard was schizo larping, but are there any redpills in regards to this?


I can believe it tbqh.


when even china, like us corporations, is embracing nft's but shunning cryptocurrencies you kno somethings up



>Team17 Cancel Worms NFTs After Devs & Studios Revolt, Troy Baker Apologizes, EA Now Scared Of NFTs


File: 1645936276402.jpg (181.38 KB, 1170x1770, NFT-migrants.jpg)



File: 1648404879912.png (42.74 KB, 580x287, xah4chan.png)



>Xah Talk Show why PHP is better than JavaScript
@ 23:12


Chonners are disgusted as OP posts a video from gook manlet, pretend-journalist, who just reads social media posts in every video:

>According to one 4chon user, He's a Kojima wannabe, but he's not even a Jap. Koreans are worse than chinks when it comes to being soulless.

Well that's it folks. Let me know in the comments how you feel about worthless grifters. We can only hope best Korea delivers swift justice to these 'people'.




File: 1648788147962-0.webp (115.78 KB, 900x879, 1648756536910.webp)

File: 1648788147962-1.webp (151.79 KB, 800x1300, 1648763281884.webp)


>Axie Infinity NFT Game Gets $620 Million Stolen By Hackers In One Of the Biggest Heists Ever


Holy mother of based

Okay…NOW it's over.



windows 11 is such a pile of shit

see @ 4:35, in windows 11 you can no longer drag images/media files into a running application on taskbar (e.g. photoshop, premiere pro). inb4 hiv upgrades to windows 11 bcuz he's an early adopter cuck who always thinks newer = better even tho it'll worsen his photoshopping productivity


File: 1651587039639.webp (164.55 KB, 1280x720, windows-11.webp)

You VILL upgrade, und you VILL be happy.

>Windows 11 may not be as popular as Microsoft had hoped
>The explosive growth seen by Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system over the past few months is beginning to slow, new figures suggest.
>The latest report from AdDuplex shows that Windows 11 user numbers are levelling out, perhaps suggesting Microsoft needs to up its game with some new updates or additions to the platform soon.
>For the month of March 2022, Windows 11 took just 0.1% market share from other editions of Microsoft's software, accounting for 19.4% of the overall usage, with a further 0.6% using a Windows 11 Insider build.

>Windows 11 Pro will soon require a Microsoft Account


>>9387 not even a macshit requires account or internet connection


Not surprised now that packets have taken over Microsoft.


You mean pajeets rite heh


File: 1651634015858.jpeg (199.67 KB, 690x399, 1639289101750.jpeg)





You Vill Own Nothing, und You Vill Be Happy


chinese 5g stickers

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