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We now have AI that can create an image of anything you prompt it and it is almost indistinguishable from art created by a human.. Pic related was created with prompt "an astronaught riding a horse in photorealistic style" . Its not open to the public but some people have access to it on reddit and are taking requests https://www.reddit.com/r/dalle2/

How will this change the world and society as we know it? Are we fucked? How hard?


File: 1654528155526.jpg (39.77 KB, 640x640, o83zikrkhw391.jpg)

>Over the shoulder perspective, A confused man reaches out to touch a normal looking window glass, but it ripples like water, shocked discovery of a portal to another world, still from the matrix resurrections 2021


Amazing. Idk what to make of it. First, obvious thought is that it may make a lot of artists irrelevant.


Yes truly incredible. This one can only make art but soon these puppies will be making short videos, novel length stories, comic books, full length movies, video games, porn, etc. What happens then? What happens when I can give an AI a prompt for "elon musk sucking and fucking little boys photorealistic quality" and I post the resulting video on twitter


This isn't art, it's trash and a meme. Technology is dying with white people in three generations, this shit is an empty jerk off session. Real art can only ever be crafted by hand, cgi is meaningless void.


File: 1654605020665.jpg (398.77 KB, 719x727, Screenshot_20220607-082959….jpg)

>happy raccoons wearing colorful turtlenecks


But it looks good



It's not open to the public because it's some photoshop pajeet off screen manually making these images kek
>yes goy we have this incredibly complex artificial intelligence-invest in our company it's the future of art



i really doubt this will be anymore more than a novelty. at least for a very long time.


File: 1654727746765.jpg (333.15 KB, 720x776, Screenshot_20220608-233446….jpg)

what the piss is this shit


File: 1654728412479.jpg (199.6 KB, 720x803, Screenshot_20220608-234618….jpg)

AI what the fuck man


all of them have big fat cocks


the resident fag has landed


seems fake and gay


this board is ~60% LGBT, kiddo


File: 1654750117423.webp (15.39 KB, 600x311, iStock-932624558-shame.webp)

>I've been fapping to traps and twinks for 7 years
I was extremely straight, so I doubt there's any straight people left tbh.


so we're up to 80% hehehehe


im straight, back to 70%


Bullshit. There's no way anyone could have endured the Jew's bussy assault to such an extent.


Fucking NEL
Take this gay shit to your own thread we're trying to talk about AI raping every graphic designer's prospects in the near future here


withstood it all, been chonnin since 2011 reporting in


>what are physical paintings
>what are scans


AI powered robot arms will be making physical paintings


then the next visual step will be how aesthetic the robot is


File: 1654797625190.jpg (428.25 KB, 719x726, Screenshot_20220609-140019….jpg)

>mouse in vr


File: 1655773022146.jpg (26.94 KB, 455x517, 1655771520079.jpg)

An AI wrote this


File: 1655836623048.jpg (203.06 KB, 720x516, Screenshot_20220621-143452….jpg)

AI overlords are here. Everything you've ever written has been recorded and analyzed. Dead internet reality soon.


File: 1655837033646.jpg (161.18 KB, 720x476, Screenshot_20220621-144305….jpg)

It knows everything.


fart sex


File: 1655837598129.jpg (185.44 KB, 720x505, Screenshot_20220621-145303….jpg)


File: 1655841489275.jpg (488.77 KB, 983x1067, Screenshot_20220621-205758….jpg)

>excessive and bothersome gas
thats the dream right there


>dead internet reality soon
It could already be the case tbh. By the time any sort of big technology makes it to public it has already probably been in the hands of the military for a bit, like the internet itself.

I knew a person once that used some proprietary ai to write bulk quantities of dumb cheap paperback novels to make money. It is very possible some of the internet is fake, with real people amongst them, especially as most normals probably don't actively contribute much anyway.


This guy makes a good point. The dead internet theory started several years before any of the ai shit was even remotely mainstream. No doubt there's a lot of bots chatting on imagebaords now. Just another reason why this medium is just dead. Not that there's ever a way to really find out but it would be massively dissapointing if i've wasted years talking to bots on imageobards when all this time I thought I was at least talking to other poeple. I guess it would be ironic in a way that the next step would be to return to IRL and find like minded small groups of people if only for awhile before the regular retards and their thots invaded again.


Yeah and there have also been easily recognizable bots on regular social media. places like Twitter are surely full of them generating false consensus. Some normals may as well be zog robots anyway

Irl is definitely the way forward. It is best to form closer bonds so robots cant get in, like some test that only a sapient and soulful human would pass


Dead bort theory lmao


sexy titcow marge


File: 1655852343137.jpg (166.28 KB, 720x468, Screenshot_20220621-185842….jpg)



I think bots exist but only as unascended people who can only parrot and latch on to certain subjects


I really must admit, Michael Eisner has done a lot to modernize the Disney experience.


File: 1655951297440.jpg (121.51 KB, 702x389, Screenshot_20220622-222736….jpg)

Like what?


Making it more gay.

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