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how do I know when I've had too much to drink?
how do I know when to quit?


>how do I know when I've had too much to drink?
when ur falling asleep or ur head hurts
>how do I know when to quit?
when ur falling asleep or ur head hurts


God, Greta is such a slut.


how dare u


Less is more, drink as slowly as possible in the smallest quantities unless it is a rare special occasion

Alcohol really doesn't do much good at all imo. It turns ppl into slaves and it is just brainwashed social normals that think it is good for much at all


Correction, it can do a lot of good when treated properly and sparingly, but ads and things sell people on the idea that it makes one cool and free spirited to drink all the time.

I am no prude or nerd, I have used my fair share of drugs across the board, but personally alcohol is not very enjoyable and I've seen guys literally flip their lives upside down from wealthy businessmen to homeless over it


Couldn't you just imagine her saying this to you in the act?


you stop when you start making threads like this
alcohol is cringe and it fucks you up legitly




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had 18 units last night
aroused at 2am
couldnt sleep so stayed awake until got up for work, jerked off twice, got super tired at 7am almost considered sleeping but dragged myself out of bed
flippin freezing outside
drove to work. had outside physical detail work to do

it was awful tbh


what motivated you to flap off twice?


i usually do when drinking
often it's the main purpose of getting trashed, to play with my peepee
though i feel worn out these days


>couldnt sleep so stayed awake until got up for work, jerked off twice

the poor betas sleeping pill


do you have the sleeping pills that make me forget?


I'm never in the mood when I drink. mostly I'm just trying not to vomit.


used to be similar but at some point the need to vomit basically vanished
and i started using nicotine, caffeine pills help as well

it varies though now, sometimes i am just NOT in the mood and cannot get it up


last night I drank one can of Fisher's Island Lemonade and then nine cans of leinenkugels summer shandy. the previous night I drank four cans of Fisher's Island Lemonade.. that shit is tasty but fucks you up good. Tuesday I drank six bottles of blue moon and one bottle of sam adams.


last night I drank the remaining three Fisher Island Lemonades. those are like rocket fuel because you don't taste any alcohol just lemonade. after those I drank the last four beers in my fridge and finished off all that was left in a handle of Tito's vodka.. maybe two inches worth.


File: 1656211701186.png (2.29 MB, 1920x1080, 1rJ2dMv.png)

way to much vodka over friday/saturday
when you get the fear and cannot sleep
and youre not sure where the time has gone and what youve been doing and are desperate to come back to normality


last night I had a 22 ounce blue moon while waiting for my food to be made at a restaurant and then had four beers out of a sam adams summer variety pack. I quit early because my dinner was getting cold and I didn't want to be hungover this morning as I have a kids bd party later.


>kids bd party
sussy baka


File: 1656304125533.jpg (586.21 KB, 2000x1270, Greta-Thunberg-inline-copy.jpg)

christ imagine the smell
dear greeta you arouse me in ways i do NOT understand


she probably smells like the inside of a pussy paper sweat shop


My nephew visited last night so we finished half of a bottle of red wine and a quarter bottle of vodka and made pizza and played catan


File: 1656819269883.jpg (223.92 KB, 700x1000, 4.jpg)

7 days sober from alcohol/nicotine since binge
i feel it has taken this long just to stabilise somewhat
sleep still average, typically waking up early
taste and smell much better

i imagine will take some period of abstinence to properly re balance

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