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Reminder that 90% of your suffering in your country stems from you browsing this website (or any part of the web). Your life could turn for the better if you stopped using this forum RIGHT NOW. Peace out.


>look ma, i made a shitpost thread!


Yes, I suffer due to your shitty thread.



my old man was right, i wasted my life on the internet.


Golly gee, I personally LOVE threads where people pretend that that they spend any significant part of their life offline that doesn't involve running errands or going to work.


File: 1655933795107.jpg (74.54 KB, 1024x974, 1655737073326m.jpg)

im built for this imageboard shit


You seem like you have a huge bellend. May I suck and lick it?


now this is life enjoyment!

also checked


fake avid


post bellend




It's better than /pol/ by a long shot.

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