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I'll be moving out of my parents' house soon to a very nearby apartment (as long as there's vacancies-I've got an inside man working on that rn). I just can't close out my 30s getting scolded for "leaving the fridge open too long" and shit like that every day. I love my parents but their constant fighting and bitching at eachother in particular has undoubtedly had a profoundly negative affect on me that I'll never recover from, I still want to be somewhat nearby because of the dog and to help out around the house on occasion. In many ways it's already over, I'm a sub-8 male in [current year + 7], childless, sexually impotent incel, living in my own filth and sleeping on my parents' couch for the past three years. Maybe it's more pragmatic to just give up at this point but I don't know.

I feel like maybe there's hope for the future if I just start living for myself without (as much) concern for others, for once.



Godspeed anon


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wouldnt it b smarter to first get a higher paying job b4 doing the rebellious "f u mom n dad i'm leaving"? its like quitting a job without any offers available


Good luck fren


I make $20 an hour/$2200 or so a month which I think is adequate. The apartment is supposedly $850 a month, plus utilities I should still have $600 or so a month to play with after my other bills and groceries are factored in.


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better to just run over a cop. pigs are not human.


how much do u save living w/ them?


Hard to say, I think I probably spend $500 or so on groceries and fast food stuff I wouldn't otherwise be buying a month for them. So I'd probably be spending $350 more just considering rent. Maybe another $200 on utilities + internet? I'm not sure heh


factor in the coming inflation

rent could always go up fast


That's not that bad actually, not a bad price to pay since you get peace from boomers with it.


wat if u bought a used camper van? with that u would have ur own place to sleep, hav ur own peace, can use that erectile disfunction scam thingy, can drive off and invite girls in there for the weekend, etc. and in the long term save that $350 or so by not paying rent. does ur parents place have a big enough driveway, does it have crappy strata/bylaw parking restrictions against camper vans etc.?


Yeah I don't think there's anywhere good nearby to park where I wouldn't get in trouble. One of my friends who was homeless and living in a van for a while got harassed by the cops every night


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just bought a quilt. from joann fabrics, ha ha.


brooooooo, you're gonna be able to jack it in the living room now!!!!



didnt u say u had a basement in dat house but cudnt sleep there cuz it stank or something or am i mixing u up with sum1 else? wat if u used ur noggin and hands dat allah gave u and do a home improvement project where A) u determine the source of the smell and erradicate it so u hav another place to sleep, and B) u add sound absorption and soundproofing to the basement so no noise can exit n u can use ur weiner thing. even if it costs u $2000 for the materials n tools itd b way less than dis apartment in long run


I moved out about a month ago and although it sounds like I'm a bit younger than you I had the same midndset of not wanting to end my 20's living at home. There was just something missing to me and I needed the change. I haven't regretted the decision for an instant, honestly I wasn't saving much anyway, I was paying my share of the bills and a loan I got out for my old man. I was buying groceries and take out, etc.

It feels so liberating to just come to "my" place and just relax and do whatever I want to do without any sort of nagging. It's funny but my apartment is much quieter as well so I just have time to THINK without worrying someone is gonna open my door or whatever. There's so many other benefits as well, I live closer to work so I've shaved my commute time by almost 2 hours. The gas savings is like a 1/3rd of my rent, I get better tution prices for the local college i'm going, I get to plan out exactly what I want to eat and in fact I'm actually cutting down on takeout because now i'm forced to cook for myself. I dunno, it took awhile but it's all starting to come together. We all have to make our way at some point I suppose, well, truthfully I would've stayed at their place until my 40's but life has a way of throwing events that really change you realize you need to move on in life.


Based as hell


The sacrifice is never easy if it is to be the type of sacrifice that can engender a psychological rebirth, but as Nietzsche put it, “the snake which cannot shed its skin perishes and so to the man or woman who never risks a break with the past is destined to perish in the stagnation of their worn-out ways of being”.


I remember all that moving into my first studio, was great, then my gf moved in and it was even better, until we broke up. Fucked every day or 2 though truthfully I was pretty beta and wanted it much more, she would have too if I wasn't so beta..


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hiv download this pdf to ur pc


hiv rebuild ze bord so passwords are now masked and dl the pdf above

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