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This is what I think of all the threads on the frontpaeg. This website sucks.


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You don't deserve it.




good point


day 2

everything on the frontpage still sucks!!


I wish you never made that shitty thread


>come to 4chon
>hide all threads


this but unironically




File: 1663899649119.png (1.01 MB, 875x596, 1584283094425.png)

Must be like 3-4 regulars left max now i reckon

Imo when the grand wizard (pbuh) left the site was when traffic + quality both really took a nosedive, and it never recovered from it properly

Ah well, what can you do heh


What's the current bumplimit on here anyways

Tried to bump a thread w/almost 300 posterinos just now but it's still sitting at paeg 30 or wherever


it's more like 6
since I'm definitely not you and neither of us is avid or HDV or Phantasm


*Fagtardsm the gayreek menace


what happened to the holohoax thread? I can't find it


>this is what I think
Stopped reading right there [-]


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*thwacc schmacc*

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