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Dreamt I murdered my family. Wew laddy.


That's pretty fucked tbh, I'm glad my dreams have always involved something bad happening to me (like all my teeth shattering and the like) and not something bad happening to people I care about.


i nightmare'd my brother sucked me off, was horrible, also had a nightmare i fugged a garloid, i thought it was a baby but it wasnt, fucked me up for a while after because i kept thinking maybe it was a foetus but it didnt have any humanic characteristics


did you like it


I thought the superstition was that if your teeth fall out it means someone close to you will die


I dreamt I had a budding romantic relationship with woman working at some store or stand in a store. It was the sweetest thing, I just wanna go back into the arms of muh Anima . I have also coincidentally been thinking of trying to talk to this pretty cashier woman I see often. It seems someone here is having the same thoughts lately


I don't know if "liked" even applies. I woke up pretty much wondering "what the fuck was any of that". The whole thing was framed like a surrealist movie, where I wasn't sure if I was even the one killing them or if they ever died in the first place. It ended up with me in a mental ward assaulted my doctor and making a run for it, although whether that was just as "real" as me killing my family was up in the air.

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