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Post in this thread what you're reading.


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Reading the Norton Anthology of English Literature series, I've finished the medieval era volume and working through the Sixteenth and Seventeenth century. My reading history is basic bitch tier and wanted to get a more versed background, was gonna take a couple classes at the local college but can't afford the time or money on it right now so I just bought the Anthologies instead. Unexpectedly, I'm really liking the introductions and the historical backdrops they have to set the stage for the books/short selections.


I’m reading hermann hesse’s narcissus and goldmund. I finished demian by him recently and loved it. I am not as crazy about this one, but it’s okay


And I’m also slowly reading some stuff about guido von list and the various German runic societies


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Mostly through this. It's the second volume, covering the latter half of Stalin's life. The author has an odd habit of slipping in some occasional potshots on the NSDAP that don't have any narrative reason of being there. He also, despite going into default of Soviet atrocities, has the habit of giving Stalin some positive traits. There was one part that really stuck out to me where he accused the NSDAP of not having a program even though any moron should be able to point out the 25 Points.


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>Du fragst, ob Ich andere Bilderbretter besuchen will?–lieber, ich bitte dich um Gottes willen, laß mir sie vom Halse! Ich will nicht mehr geleitet, ermuntert, angefeuert sein, braust dieses Herz doch genug aus sich selbst; ich brauche Wiegengesang, und den habe ich in seiner Fülle gefunden in meinem 4chon!


File: 1644196353789.jpg (191.77 KB, 1050x1240, dune.jpg)

I wormed myself through these books, not only since it was shilled on /lit/. And I must say they where quite shit, for all the hype, but I guess that was to be expected since /lit/ is full of faggots. Not only do they progressively get worse with each volume, the whole Weltanschauung of Frank Herbert is pretty woke aids. In the later Volumes he smugly uses the whisest characters to insert his retarded views on politics etc, lets not even speak of all the awfull sexual themes going on.
In short, if you want to have a good read, stop after the first, maybe the second book. Also the faggot died before concluding the story, so the last book ends on a cliffhanger.


> but I guess that was to be expected since /lit/ is full of faggots

a lot of the lists seem tryhard tbqh. which is why i picked up the norton anthologies so see if maybe I could find someone better.


You funny son of a bitch.


Dam that chart is well made and creative. Don’t mean to criticize too much but I think there could be an entire branch of specific works of Arthurian or grail myth literature besides mallory’s morte d’arthur. Particularly I would say wolfram von eschenbach’s “Parzival” is very important. Also there is stuff that could be included as foundational ancient myth like the eddas, the vedas, Greek myths like Hesiod’s theogony and Homer, Virgil’s Aeneid, etc


Not that it matters since the chart is about science fiction, but some of those had to be an influence on everything, as at some times in the ancient world I believe it was a key part of their education that students study primarily Homer and the Bible.


this thread, also still havent finished 'secrets of the talking jaguar'


Starting to read the fearie queen. Olde english is hard tbqh

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