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There is no better feeling than watching your to-do list/pile get smaller and smaller.


>to do list:


My pile is so big and it keeps getting bigger, so that instead of working it off I turn to new things or distractions.


I continually add to my to do lists, but I don’t sweat the ones that don’t get done. Every once in a while it is best just to start a new one. I put some goals that are big on there and sprinkle some in that are easy or required to do anyway. Just putting something on the list plants the seed that I ought to do it, they are not obligations, but a workshop of figuring out and keeping track of what all I would like to do outside of routine


It's true, yes. Procrastination doesn't pay.


Bros… please help… how do I stop being a chronic procrastinator? My tooth list always builds until it is too overwhelming and I basically start over

Its just so much easier to play addicting videogames or browse interwebz than do the things I need to be doing. Help how can I become disciplined to force myself to do these things?


I don't know, man. I gravitated away from videogames naturally over time as I got older but I always found new ways to procrastinate so I'm not the best example. When it comes to multiplayer games specifically it's important to realize that any achievements or accomplishments in video games are totally meaningless, something a developer added to a game through very little effort on their part in order for the game to become more addicting and ingratiate itself to you. They exploit the masculine urge for status and achievement in order to make you a compulsive slave to the game.


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>My tooth list
I thought you fairies were fake. wtf mom and dad???!?


Tooth faries dont visit non-white households. Sorry bud.


Just do it(tm).


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see this >>1735 is why i kept telling you guys we needed /improve/
we could have saved him…



The best board on 8chan that no one ever knew about. I credit a lot of my success to them. Godspeed you glorious bastards.


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tfw fresh out shower


Just do everything on the list as soon as you wake up. Even if you only spend 5 minutes on each thing make it a habit.

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