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>used turbotax to do my tax return for years
>go to do so again this year
>turbotax is no longer doing free tax returns
>go to irs
>select another site
>asks for my agi pin
>enter said pin
>doesn't work
>try to call turbotax customer support to figure out why that's happening
>automated process puts me into a loop
>try several more times to work around the loop
>end up realizing there is literally no way to actually talk to another living human
What the actual flying fuck.


I always have paid $30 bucks or so. I avoid all that crap they try to upsell me with. Like nigga it's an ex return. The fuck are they gonna audit as from my W2 and where I live?

Beats going somewhere to do it when I can do it from my room while posting on 4chins.


pay someone on fiverr to do it


File: 1644290862555.jpg (10.08 KB, 125x122, 1406339689877.jpg)

I ain't paying shit. I picked up federal and state returns. The state one was easy enough to do but wtf are these FUCKING KIKES trying to pull with federal? I can't understand any of it.
>use the table for this
>use section blablabla to calculate that
<no instructions came with the form
<there's no coherent instructions online
I just filled in what the free tax return site calculated and included a note saying I have no idea what the fuck I'm suppose to do but they're free to do the math themselves. Also put the murrican flag stamp upside down because fuck the Feds, I'M A REBEL. WOOOOOOOOOO.


I highly doubt you did that but utterly BASED if you did. You're post should've been 1776 tvqh.

I'll do my own forms eventually. I used to do it with this lady for $50 bucks but then she started getting a lot of clientele and turned into a cunt acting like she was doing you a favor. Also it went up to $150 and you had to have an appointment n shiet. Fuck that.


>I highly doubt you did
Shit. Is. In. The. Mail. Seriously, I use to do the physical forms a lot way back before I got into the efiling meme. I don't remember the federal form being anywhere near as retarded as it is now. It really seems like they intentionally do that to mess with the common man.
>Fuck that.
Fuck that forever.




>In Japan, you get a postcard in early spring from Kokuzeicho (Japan’s I.R.S.) that says how much you earned last year, how much tax you owed and how much was withheld. If you disagree, you go into the tax office to work it out. For nearly everybody, though, the numbers are correct, so you never have to file a return.

>Intuit, the maker of the top-selling program TurboTax, has reportedly spent millions over the years to persuade members of Congress to “oppose I.R.S. government tax preparation.” In an annual report, the company warned investors that “government encroachment” — the I.R.S. filling out the forms for you — would be a significant competitive threat, which is why it has to fight the idea. So you do more work, they make more money.


Thank god I haven't worked in over a year.



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