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>seems like what few 105+ IQ male friends I have that are in relationships are virtue-signalling about getting vasectomies, most of my semi-sentient friends are incels or otherwise express their extreme aversion to having children in either case
>the acquaintances I have with kids are generally simple people at best, often not bad people in their own right but not of the sort that could muster any kind of intellectual resistance to whatever the status quo deigns fit to put in front of them or perform higher work functions.

This anti-natalist cultural phenomenon and our standard of living seems unsustainable in the long term. What happens from here?


Society is crashing. I'm 31 years old now and out of all my peers I am the only one to have children. Everyone else has chosen a life of wageslavery and dog-babies


anti-natalism is good
let the boomers and those before them be an example of the consequences of mindless breeding


Both good answers. To be honest I am 100% in favor of population reduction in general, and the Least Harm would be for people to do it voluntarily even if they were to be psychologically manipulated into taking the anti-natalist position/becoming a troon (lol), falsely believing it was their idea all along. However, the fact that it seems to be disproportionately affecting people of middling intellect seems like it could have profound consequences for the future, for good or ill.


couldn't care less what happens, a roman empire-like decline leading to hundreds of years of dark ages (neo-feudal technocracy) is inevitable. but feel free to produce more suffering for your delusional thinking you'll "win" the game of evolution / natural selection which is unwinnable considering the inevitability of the extinction of earth-derived life as nothing lasts forever, whatever DNA molecules of the remains of humans that may potentially be left on a partially terraformed europa (fat chance) will eventually be incinerated by the sun at its red giant stage or sucked in by the nearest black hole before any alien (which haven't been proven to exist) discovers it. also enjoy the decades-long alimony and child support you'll be paying with little to no visitation rights even if you're the one initiating the divorce from her cheating thanks to the completely rigged legal system and divorce (((lawyers))) wanting the biggest cut. inb4 "we just won't get married", you'll still be recognized as a common-law marriage


Shut up, nerd


You must realize that there is only a limited amount of souls in this world. That means that just because you encurage mindless breeding you will get more souls, you will only get more degeneracy. There are more white people on the planet than at any point before, at any great point anyway. There is no quality in this imense quantity and yet you and your ilk cry to increase the latter without a regard for the former.


>In Russia, there is no concept of 'common law marriage', which is nothing more than legalised cohabitation, without the obligations and responsibilities to forge a bond before civil or even more before religious authorities.

>There is no such a concept as "a common-law marriage" in Belarus.


apparently these US states don't recognize common-law marriages:
>Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming
but beware some of them probably have some catches, like i read Washington state has something called "Committed Intimate Relationship" status which is basically like common-law marriage




god is dead, anon


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The world needs beauty


I'll take numbers 1 & 10
good mother/daughter combo


shut the fuck up KIKE


Excellent taste


you're an odd one


6 and 3/4 combo.


hand me a pizza pie


9 combo


cummies taste better with sperm in

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