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I saw these guys live today. Excellent performance, truly. I wish that they had an opening band or something, as the show was only two hours long. I also wish that people knew how to fucking dress themselves and weren't such an embarrassment to be around. At least the audience was 99% white, so that's good, but to no surprise there was a bunch of lardasses and people in shitty larpy costumes. Some people dressed to impress, and bless them for it, but good golly miss molly what the fuck is wrong with some people. And then some of those morons tried to get the band to do an encore, even though the point of Heilung is as an experience, not some cheap whore bunch of musicians. And they really did give an experience, the closing act was amazing. The quality, tasteful nudity was also a plus. My only real issue with Heilung is that they seem to have this nuPagan idea of "we're all from the same source and peace is cool yo". Retarded concept. But it's not like they're singing about the gods being niggers or having niggers in their performances or adding NIGGER beats in their music so it's not too aggravating.

One of the highlights that stuck with me, outside of the live fire dance which was fucking sweet plus all the segments they had the extras for plus the amazing vocals and literally everything else, was an enactment of live after death they wove into one of the songs. One of the shieldmaidens got bound up and "killed" in a pretty snazzy way and then resurrected, it hit harder than I expected it to. I'd see them live again but I really don't think I'd drive the distance I did for it. Maybe. Depends.



Overrated garbage.


that's just like your opinion, man


>My only real issue with Heilung is that they seem to have this nuPagan idea of "we're all from the same source and peace is cool yo"
Yeah whenever I hear of Heilung I always remember how they denounced racism and fascism multiple times. They had to suck the globohomo cock in order to become successful


Cringe [-]


That's the general issue with paganism in the modern times. Grow any kind of notable following and the Jews freak out. I remember just the other year that the Asatru Folk Assembly got in the news for buying an abandoned church out in Minnesota. They seem to be an active group? I've no idea, it'd just be nice to have a community to latch onto that knows what they're talking about, aren't just larping around like retards, and won't bow to the Jew.

I hate to have to ask, but what was the name of that oldtimer from however long ago who use to be a popular talking point? Had something of a congregation and tried to make his own denomination out in the woods. Used the algiz rune for it. I think he had two wives. When he died, the organization got taken over by somebody who embezzled money and stole private property, there was some kind of lawsuit that was pushed by the guy's brother to get control back. For the life of me, I can't remember his name, all I have is a mental picture of an old man, glasses, balding.


Dr. Pierce, that's who I was thinking of. Wew.


being edgy and saying nigger unironically is not a personality
grow up. what the fuck do u care how people were dressed at a fucking concert, u faggot
they seem like a dank show to see live, though


>having standards and saying words that hurts feelings is MEAN
Get the rag out of your cunt and jimp off a bridge.


File: 1661999264857.jpg (1.57 MB, 2932x2932, 1661951810342612.jpg)

Blow it out your ass


File: 1662233417604.jpg (34.12 KB, 335x500, 04c77a4c70d4603c55ef39350e….jpg)

>we're all from the same source

We are though, albeit only on a quantum level


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Been waiting forever for this one to come out, just got reminded of this here thread again when i checked for sum news on the release date

There really needs to be moar pro-white identitarian germanic pop-cultural media liek dis imo tbqfh


nigger erection licker detected


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File: 1663977148225.jpg (23.71 KB, 366x400, savitri.jpg)

It's true doe

Every psychonaut and metaphysical/spiritual researcher worth a damn knows it to be true as well

Surely the grand wizard would agree on said notion as well

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