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Fresh nu brother Nathanael fuckers

Making Secession Work





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Think he made this video *before* the bidet speech in front of the military/blood-red background the other day

Fucking ominous as shit really


didn't watch, probably more theatric slut brainwash for anglosissies

just like keeeif promoting '4th political theory' among reactionary-sissies while ignoring genocidal antiwhite remarks of the author and everyone's favorite paul ramsey since ~2015 having such a sudden and spontaneous attraction to hungary and viktor orban, these guys are really trustworthy and i believe what they say to fellow anglosissies





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Bidet bros... Not like this


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Demons Of Democracy



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Bidet's Bolshevist Psycho-Babble




are there any based jewish converts to christianity? or just him


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Nord Stream Sabotage Revealed!



There's a couple based renegade kikes dispersed thruout history but they've always been outnumbered by their scumfuck ZOG-alligned kin alas


the 12 apostles


found a guy who converted to orthodox christianity

watched a lot of his vids, he seems sincere and not subversive

kinda cool to see jews who become redpilled


problem with brother Nathanael is he talks more about politics than christianity itself imo

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