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RESOURCE 》》》 https://newsmap.ijmacd.com/

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I don't believe either of these.


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Good thread



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Yeezys For Special Needs Children Of 4Chon!


They're ugly shoes, but if they're going to stop production it might be worth the investment.


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Perfect timing. Now I can be hip and coo-OH WAIT!


I support this venture


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>Currently, experts are debating whether these waterways found on Mars are snakelike structures like the Mississippi River, or part of a more intricately braided river system. But one thing that we know for certain is that the 820 feet tall layers of sediment are absolutely the result of a raging river that was once believed to be a more shallow deposit. And since we’re only dealing with one specific locale known as “Skrinkle Haven,” it’s reasonable to assume that Mars’ surface has similar river patterns across the entire planet.



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