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You all need to lighten up.
Life is good


That could have been smiley if he didn't become a druggie.




I like your art OP



>fatnelstralia thread
Everything is awful and we live in an actual nightmare.


genocide abos


i guess, the assholes up the top took our immortality and are trying as hard as they can to make us believe we are useless eaters and trash. But we can still be happy.


your everything wrong in the world, your the kind of cunt like the ones on the top who took our immortality



curse all you want, my soul trancends enforced roles, even if i am yet to be able to shapeshift, my mind transends





Still waiting on your fart vid


File: 1665672153980.jpg (34.07 KB, 600x600, 1300044776986.jpg)

>"post vid of you farting"


i think its fucking shit


File: 1670260511083.png (847.32 KB, 1000x1000, 1670204464791490.png)


Dogcunt will draw pictures like this and think "thats literally me"



So true!


why are you being hostile to the only other woman who's also just as mentally ill?


Dog is a man larping as a woman.


Glittersnatch does the same but he's hot. He's hot and breaks character. You just know glittersnatch makes women's panties drop and they throw their bra's at him!


Glittersnatch was a woman


Glittersnatch is 100% male and hot af!


Glittersnatch was never a woman and is 100% a biological male!


Don't mind me guys...

I'm just going to continue swooning over glittersnatch.


You need to seek professional help




You wish you were hot like glitter snatch! You wish! You're jealous af!


Do you have any proof?
I dont get jealous, that is an emotion that the stumbling masses experience, not me.


Cry harder smiley.


I am not smiley, he is a disgusting horrid creature, i am a beacon of light in this shattered world, i have worked intensely to not become that which smiley is a part of and is as a person, you may not understand yet but i am your God


How much crack did you smoke, smiley?

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