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>tfw you lose your 62 day nofap streak and thus lose nofap 2022


I made it to 17 days recently then ended up blasting my wife. It's hard doing semen retention with a woman around. Back on day 3 right now







I lost a 3 day streak to the octopus 4chan pasta.. just google to see it.. lol


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>be me
>try nofap
>dick starts shrinking


That doesn't happen


erections are important

have gay sex
watch gay porn
do whatever it takes to get at least one erection daily


it happened to me


Ur dick definitely feels smaller while abstaining for a long time. It goes back to normal as soon as you do it again though.

I have heard claims that nonmasturbation actually makes you low test in the long run but also the opposite and that it creates more androgen receptors or something. From my experience it definitely makes one more virile and historically retainers were pretty hardcore dudes like Brahmin in aryan India , although that perspective is skewed as some monks were eunuchs and this cucks.

Nietzsche was a notorious nofapper and also was characteristically bombastic and combative in his writing, although perhaps that was compensation for being really shy in real life


finally, someone who agrees with me
>t. intermittent nofapper


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For me it's pic rel

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