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Imagine having erectile dysfunction, like HDV.


File: 1671117101344.webm (3.82 MB, 832x468, 1670743205140369.webm)

Imagine being HDV.




File: 1671118129008.webm (3.91 MB, 608x1080, 1670789636164437.webm)

Do you feel threatened? Do you have erectile dysfunction too?


Heh none of these are sexually arousing at all. OP is either a woman who doesn't understand the male mind, or a broken coomer to be aroused by such trash

This video in my post is probably the most sexually arousing thing I've seen post here


This is avid trying to make 4chon turn against hdv in hope it will take the pressure off of bullying him for his homosexuality. Don’t fall for the trap.


I don't have to imagine, I just have to figure out what I do from here knowing that there is nothing for me other than decades of physical degradation and crippling loneliness ahead. h-heh.


At least I have plenty of true friends and family, which many people in a similar state sadly cannot say.


>decades of crippling lonelyness.

Uh. Huh.


Not a contradiction.

When I do go out I enjoy myself and am generally well-liked by others. It's when I get back to my dimly lit apartment, quiet and alone that the reality of my condition and inability to express myself in that way sets in. That's when I can become paralyzed with grief.





whats your proof?


File: 1671132748104.jpg (114.11 KB, 700x467, 11655ef5c83ee6898f2ba0a99f2….jpg)

it was real in they mind


Learn to use your tongue and fingers?


Also, you're not gonna be lonely forever HDV; eventually everyone gets old and has ED unless they really take care of themselves, and that's like 10% of people.


File: 1671139769457.jpeg (65.3 KB, 1024x1024, 3FC22785-1952-424D-B079-E1….jpeg)

I've made girls fall in love with me using just that alone, but it's beside the point in the end. They certainly wouldn't stick around for long or if they would they'd come to resent me in time and have their eyes darting elsewhere for the door. I wouldn't want to do that to either of us tbh. I've got six months to figure out if this treatment (this time done at its recommended frequency and under its recommended conditions) is going to work or not, and after that I have to decide what to do going forward with the acceptance of either my ultimate defeat or my pyrrhic, decade and a half late victory.


Viagra isn't magic, it only works if you've got unhealthy circulation, like blood pressure or heart disease.


HDV, I'm going to say this as kindly as possible and as vaguely as possible so I don't get in trouble. I deal with middle aged people daily, and my job is to kindly and patiently listen to embarrassing shit at times without judgement; I know for a fact that you literally have five more years before you enter the age range where ED is much more normal among the population in >60% of men even, and women start to be more accepting as a result, because not all men can/want to take viagra, and single women would've had some experience with this problem.

You don't know this because you don't have that experience, but you're not alone. It'll be okay.


not true at all, you live under a rock and/or are gay. it's getting a committed relationship (ie. guy staying monogamous) that becomes harder for them because of their baggage and if the guy wants kids


Wow the stLking referwnce


Be that as it may, HDV would likely have more success with someone closer to his age, as he is a boomer.


dont forget to try multivitamins for a couple months and also get that at-home hormone test later to rule these things out. this >>18485 sounds as bad as the meme carnivore diet


Ah yes, thanks for the reminder. I will certainly get that test done when I've got some money after the holidays.


Maybe I should do that after a month or so with the multivitamin stack tho


You know nothing encyclopedia dramatica baby dicked moron roman mong meth head


Not bad! heh/10


Is this from storage hunters?



I must acknowledge those trips.


Damn, I wonder what these epic posts were.


Mass deletion of postscuz a harmless user was disliked by a mod & was banned but that mod went into full sperg tard-rages one too many times and HDV cracked down and fired that mod. Yay.


File: 1680233006990.jpg (40.27 KB, 405x355, 81oBlL-vBKL._AC_SY355_.jpg)

HDV is a based ass nigger


didnthebmod fartband it smell of shit?

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