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"Everything in moderation"

Explain to me WHY something bad is good if have a little bit of it. There are NO BENEFITS to giving your children chocolate. Another example of absurd things people will do because the group does it.


How many times have you hit the crack pipe, smiley?!


Calm down OP, a simple saying is really not worth getting this upset about, take a breath, calm down and move on with your life




Chocolate is a drug and drugs are bad.



Chocolate is GOOD, redart(s)!


Shhhhhh don't make the ops tism-rage worse!


Please dont do this to yourself anymore




The elitism expressed even to as much as eating chocolate or not, seems pointless and is a calling card of an even bigger, deeper problem which you seem to be going through right now


File: 1674602190870.png (145.01 KB, 350x330, 12365768876548658689897397….png)

I call on this day a crusade against the EVILS of ch*colate. SATAN WILL NOT WIN. DEUS VULT.



Oh. Cool. Ya doing a tarot reading ATM?


Very funny, but i would rather you pluck up the courage to answer my comment




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Shoot heroin. Do sodomy. Have a goyslop meal. Everything in moderation bro.


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Ok I will.

In moderation ofc.

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