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When you've got every major megacorp shilling you, everyone clapping when you walk down a bridge and the Prime Minister marching with you but you're still oppressed and have a long way to go.


File: 1678421725859.jpeg (120.94 KB, 600x789, Food-delivery-Memes-17.jpeg)

I'm fat and hungry. Have a (you).


File: 1678423880778.png (51.75 KB, 248x389, Brian_Griffin.png)

I got my food. Drinking wine and eating atm. Have a (you). I'm a wine aunt meme minus the status cuz my brother doesn't have any kids and isn't going to reproduce.


File: 1678424146163.gif (2.89 MB, 500x281, EmbellishedDiligentHedgeho….gif)

I'm not a cool wine aunt and I don't own any cats. I think that I'm winning, so far.


File: 1678424336495.jpeg (7.85 KB, 168x300, images.jpeg)

I don't have STD's/STI's and I haven't ridden the cock caurosal. I didn't and haven't popped out any bastard children. I am not a coal burner and don't fuck niggers. I'm morbidly obese and my lineage will die with me but I am harmless and keep to myself.


"Well I don't have anything against the gays or the transes"

Why not? Name ONE good thing about any of them



You need to find a beautiful broken whore that wants to do anal on the first night.


a city is an unhealthy artificial place and a narrow space made of asphalt and concrete panels welded too close together and strangers existing too close together where lolrandumb ideas like castrate sissy gay anal sex festival concrete enema marches and other novel physical and mind diseases emerge


>not a cool wine aunt


Also, on the topic of FAGGOTS, that's what GOD ALMIGHTY made PIPEBOMBS for. PHANTASM.


File: 1678477614271.jpg (33.31 KB, 515x341, you_win_prize_downs.jpg)

That sounds like a good idea at the time but then its still lonely because you then have to seek attention from lonely people on the website 4chon.me


File: 1678479054387.jpg (99.28 KB, 692x1024, 1640192570057m.jpg)

>message beautiful hapa bish
>we talk for a while
>ask her out to this cool bar downtown
>she agrees
>show up to bar when the day and time arrives
>she's not there
>end up talking to cute, petite latina at the bar
>try to fuck her but she's insistent that she doesn't fuck strangers, we make out against my car for a bit and she gives me her snapchat
>about a week later I randomly message the hapa again with a very cheesy line
>she finds it amusing and starts talking to me again
>ask her out to the same bar again
>she agrees
>I go to the bar and she's actually sitting at a table and she waves at me
>we both get drunk and flirt a lot
>she likes anal and she's on her period right now
>tell her I don't care
>ask her if she's ever seen the inside of my type of car before
>we go to my car to "hang out"
>start fucking her in the passenger seat of my car
>I'm doing no-fap and I haven't coomed in a couple of weeks
>I start to cum after like two minutes
>cum all over her waist, legs and my car seat
>I suggest we go to her place and she agrees
>she goes to her car and I follow her home
>start fingering her asshole in her room
>eventually I manage to get three fingers in there, and have it just gaped and open for me
>I already fucking coomed, I'm extremely drunk and I can't get a fucking erection
>this beautiful half-asian whore literally has her face down, ass up, with her asshole open and waiting for my dick
>I can't get a fucking erection
>get my flaccid cock and rub it on the outside of her asshole
>I can't fucking get it inside because her intestines keep pushing my cock away and I'm only like 20% hard
>end up calling it a night and we agree to hang out again later
>drive home half naked, covered in blood, sexually frustrated

>one week later up

>put hemorrhoid numbing cream on my cock before driving to her house
>my dick is dead as fuck and I can't feel anything
>can still get hard though
>smash the absolute shit out of her
>cum balls deep inside of her with zero protection
>next day she complains to me that she had to pay 50 bucks for a morning after pill and to not cum in her pussy again
>I keep doing it anyways
>do this regularly on Tuesdays until my wife gets jellymad and I'm forced to drop her

There. THERE. Now you know the entire story that you keep referencing in multiple threads

Pic unrelated


Her brother isn't having children. She has no children. She doesn't get the "wine aunt" title or "aunt" title in general. Your reading comprehension is shit.


She isn't a wine aunt = winning.


File: 1678479882637.png (1.73 MB, 1440x1288, Screenshot_20230310-142223.png)



... without the f but/b/ will fuck anything so....


Old-school/b/-tard. Yep that's me.

*record scratch*

*freeze frame*

You're probably wondering how I got here...


/b/ will fuck anything except for smiley cuz he's not a true/b/tard.


Reading comprehension has absolutely nothing to do with what I said you clown.


start an onlyfans, queen!



he's right love you need to make money somehow



You can't tell a woman child whomst isn't integrated into society to do dumb shit...

>She already tried to meet smiley twice irl .. that's retarded enough.



Onlyfans is disgusting




File: 1678754135185.jpg (171.62 KB, 600x886, first female admiral.jpg)

they're now just flat-out calling them "female", and wahmen, who are tied with trannies in the oppression olympics, are massively asspained lmao



There WILL be a trans bias now

You WILL accept it

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