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HDV and dwarf should have sex

like and retweet if you agree


That's a sure fire way to guarantee HDV never gets a boner again.


dwarf could suck HDV's erectile dysfunction away

we know her daddy trained her right ;)


File: 1678761032027.jpg 55.17 KB, 615x409, 0_MAIN-Big-Daddy-reunion.jpg

Cole Sprouse is a schizophrenic and no one can convince me otherwise.

You have the hots for dwarf, Cole?

>Sorry but she's off limits. You'll have to call big daddy adam sandler and cry about it.


File: 1678761338638.jpg 1.48 MB, 2800x4200, MV5BMTYyNDM5MTE0MV5BMl5BanB….jpg




File: 1678761709801.png 1.59 MB, 1440x612, Screenshot_20230313-214036.png


Worse in the sense that dwarf is extremely disabled. It's all horrible no-less but jesus.


she's able to do one thing suck dick


Hotwheels in drag. Pay him. Call him dwarf. Winner WINNER chicken dinner!


Her dick sucking skills are that good?


Has anyone here from the chon gotten their dick sucked by dwarf irl? Does she deep throat? H'whats your ratings?


20 seconds into schizophrenia and he gives you that face


Cole wants to believe that dwarf is the older woman that molested him as a child that he never saw again at 14. Sorry to break it to you cole but that's impossible and she didn't do it.


...when dwarf was in highschool as a senior

she took the virginity of a freshman boy and they fucked non-stop 24/7 all the time...

..then something shook her and she realized that was wrong cuz she was 18 & the 5yr age gap and she has a mental breakdown...

and blanked all that out


There's absolutely no way cole sprouse and dwarf banged irl.


>yeah, no.


dwarf and cole sprouse as a couple


I'll take things that will never ever happen for $500 ALEX!


There's a reason dwarf is staying single. She's more than enough for herself to deal with.


>It'll be a city garbage-man and the like. Vanilla-average-joe's are her flavor or pulling a full blown emily dickenson with a rabbit vibrator for the rest of her days


File: 1678796426352.jpg 389.38 KB, 1581x1054, leave-britney-alone-chris-c….jpg



Would 4chon let Dwarf call them daddy?


HDV isn't even a real person.




You didn't say no.




Whole 4chon website of 4chon.me: Hello, dwarf!



There's nothing retarded about this AT ALL!


Dearf smiley and dogisaga should all fucking leave this site and never fucking come back

4chon has been shit ever since those fucks found it

FoKy also, I should have never shown him this fucking site


Pretty hot tbh


You brought foky here?


They should have stayed together. She's deep throat him and knock back his cum, in the back of her throat. When she took his virginity it was planned. It has to be scheduled on a day when after she was done sucking and riding him that he'd be able to relax and have the day off. So she started off by taking his virginity with a throat fuck and she rode him all night and when he was close she has him tell her so that she was able to deepthroat and take his cum. She wasn't on birth control but wanted to make sure that he was completely satisfied. Nice white blonde hair blue eyed kid. Yup. She doesn't even remember his name lol.


After she gave him his first bj then they took a shower and after she had to stop riding him, they showered. I accidentally left that out.


stopped because they both could have kept going but...

time and schedules and stuff


Foky isn't real.


He'd "tutor" dwarf after school. They'd get homework done and after, fuck non-stop.


If foky is real and you brought him here

🤢 🤮


>So she started off by taking his virginity with a throat fuck
The esophagus isn't metaphysically capable of taking virginity

In any case this boy should simply be grateful for having an older woman use him sexually


It's called oral-SEX and she rode his cock the whole night.

So if a guy doesn't cum in a pussy he's still a virgin?

>Did I mention no condoms were used btw?


She did leg lock him one time and he came in her pussy and he was able to cum in her for a good long time until they pulled the trigger and got the morning-after pill.


4chons erotic romance writer is critiquing.




File: 1678828820546.png 318.26 KB, 1117x474, Screenshot_20230314-162001.png

You're a retard that doesn't know what a samefag is.


Kys smilegrem


get cancer spergmong


Sex is shorthand for "sexual intercourse" which refers specifically to penis vaginal penetration. Oral "sex" as you call it is technically sodomy


Shut the fuck up nigger


All of this butthurt LOL


Father NELvid wishes to hear no more of this blasphemy


a dwarf bj could turn avid straight

she fucked the other one

yes, we all would

smiley, dwarf and dogi should have sex

ok this might be fake

he's jealous dwarf gets more cock than him


Thats right


>dwarf bj could turn avid straight

Already straight, theres no mids for me however, i prefer ATTRACTIVE UNDAMAGED women


Dwarf is a trap. It's like you're trying to fulfill avids gay sexual fantasies at every turn.


>smiley, dwarf and dogi should have sex
🤢 🤮


>the other one
There's a difference?


H'what are mids?


File: 1678848692381.jpg 285.1 KB, 2390x1234, FrLstrfX0AEA8Hl.jpg


File: 1678848823861-0.jpg 137.79 KB, 827x756, FrAGYI5XoAAh-gz.jpg

File: 1678848823861-1.jpg 102.97 KB, 662x1024, FrAGhXcWcAAZsmt.jpg

People still deny we live in a gynocracy


No one here is looking for men except avid.


File: 1678849639877.jpg 32.8 KB, 450x450, 450.jpg

What exactly is the point of that post, anon?


File: 1678850495251.gif 188.1 KB, 500x401, ezgif-5-fb83abafc8.gif

I don get it...

Are posts like this supposed to make dwarf jump into your arms or something?

>Maybe if her self esteem is at an all time low THEN SHE'LL WANT ME!



File: 1678850709457.png 390.29 KB, 416x610, 167885059382955145 (1).png



File: 1678850793444.png 2.5 MB, 1361x2590, Screenshot_20230314-222537.png


>wants to have a baby

If that's what he wants he's gunna be dating a younger woman LOL


File: 1678850917879.png 1.19 MB, 1267x1073, Screenshot_20230314-222803.png


I also like how "taller than me" rates the same as shit like "is emotionally stable" and basic communication skills. Someone with severe mental health issues is seen as the same as someone 5'11 by the foid.



low hanging fruit

She belongs in an actual old folks home. I don't believe for a second that she's 42yr old.

Do you go into nursing homes and beat up the elderly for shits and giggles or something?


File: 1678851549960.png 318.92 KB, 1439x1447, Screenshot_20230314-223830.png

Um. Okay.


File: 1678852052663.jpeg 48.35 KB, 376x421, 167885059382955145.jpeg


File: 1678852383048.jpeg 130.61 KB, 945x600, e97.jpeg

Have a (you).


File: 1678852635295.gif 169.82 KB, 400x224, a9ae16db-acad-4d07-9a1d-2db….gif


File: 1678853167821.gif 213.4 KB, 498x278, ezgif-5-027e609865.gif

Chansey has managed to avoid the sausage fest.

I am jealous.

How'd she pull that off?




>taller than me
she's 6'?


She didnt answer the incredibly cringe emails smiley would have been incessantly sending


File: 1678879093696.jpg 82.87 KB, 953x1300, low-angle-business-man-step….jpg

I could still spin her jaw


>Non-religious, 10
>Non-materialistic, 10

What the fuck is this hag looking for


She's enjoyed him as an orbiter stroking her ego. OBVIOUSLY.

>I wonder H'what those simpling e-fails looked like.


no personality
huge cock


File: 1678907503757.png 1.11 MB, 1440x1020, Screenshot_20230315-140307.png

Dear beautiful wonderful Chansey

You are the most perfect woman to ever grace the earth. Today I was masturbating in my garden and when I came all over the flowers I thought of you because you dear Chansey are just like a beautiful pure flower of virtue and grace. I was thinking about your cherry pie today. You are such a spectacular cook and make handmade soaps. You are the purest most beautiful woman alive. You are a cook, you clean, you grow vegetables and flowers, you read indescribably intellectual books SUCH AS I! OH CHANSEY I AM TAKEN ABACK BY YOUR WONDERFUL WHOLESOMENESS! I know that you find me to be a highly esteemed person and I too look at you the same way. Blonde hair, blue eyes, white.. just look at us. We're what is needed to push the white race forward! I have so much more to write to you but I must take a short break but I will be right back to write you asap!




File: 1678909013769.png 1.77 MB, 1098x2212, Screenshot_20230315-143619.png

Granny needs a male blow up doll.




File: 1678915832618.png 273.14 KB, 392x555, imageedit_6_7850813249.png


File: 1678922828115.webm 1.54 MB, 720x1280, 1678912565556557.webm


Little Nicky was so fucking funny


popeye chimkin is heckin jawsome


This comment in particular and comments like this make me want to kill myself

What is your end goal here?

What went wrong and why are you an on the arm instead of a walking round doing own thing anyway

We should have a talk




File: 1679919305808.png 2.23 MB, 1079x1334, Screenshot_20230327_081307_….png

You know what I don't even want to know tbh


File: 1679922623883.jpg 219.05 KB, 2493x1998, 71VJaR-1tmL.jpg

You should stop fucking drugs. I agree.


File: 1679922746987.png 3.97 MB, 1440x1734, Screenshot_20230327-081135.png

I thought that woman was grimes-at first.


Why is she dressing like an agp tranny


File: 1679930330497.jpg 22.17 KB, 335x136, untitledd~2.jpg

I had to google that.


god i need a qt fit gym bunny with steel abs gf


File: 1679941354787.gif 2.98 MB, 424x332, 167994129523236982.gif

Careful now!

That's a man according to locknar.

He has fantastic gaydar.

Do you have any idea how many men have blown locknar?


No, it's a biocunt dressing like a tranny


(you) preffer chicky filet?


File: 1679943547831.png 1.28 MB, 1439x1940, Screenshot_20230327-135842.png


File: 1679949359092.png 291.77 KB, 1440x2084, Screenshot_20230327-153503.png

Current HDV in Arizona.


File: 1710298546599.jpg 58.8 KB, 500x509, oie_QzOIMDI1ecys.jpg

don't give a shit


File: 1710298660134.jpeg 39.21 KB, 500x319, 50ddbc28af2fb.jpeg

Nigger. H'why you bump dis bread?


At least nobody stabs a person for a sandwich at there religious homophobic establishment that is closed on Sunday, THE LORDS DAY!! Unlike some of those other fried chicken places!!


File: 1710299009706.webp 454.87 KB, 1042x8043, 1691008624564.webp


Two people that don't actually exist, should have sex with each other?


fuck off baby talk mong
you're an ugly mong


File: 1710301561516.webp 86.94 KB, 1440x1869, Screenshot_20240312-182319.webp




File: 1715665312744.jpg 99.54 KB, 1280x720, morbboy color.jpg

dogi, dwarf, avid, phantasm and HDV should have an orgy on livestream for us to goon to

like and retweet if you agree


you should kill yourself on a livestream


File: 1715692582815.webp 454.87 KB, 1042x8043, 1694658424164.webp



the hot chick we all want to fuck


inb4 seething jealous goblinsaga


File: 1715960483828.webp 57.39 KB, 1440x1115, Screenshot_20240512-061733.webp

A fictional character that everyone wants to fuck.


File: 1715968441751.mp4 3.82 MB, 576x1024, based_PJnk1BFr.mp4


File: 1715968979808.mp4 4.58 MB, 360x640, ex.mp4


File: 1716044291640.webp 155.37 KB, 1440x1642, Screenshot_20240518-095513.webp

She posted her ass.


File: 1716045990601.webp 116.33 KB, 1440x1985, Screenshot_20240518-102605.webp


where is it?


File: 1716046324168.webp 316.09 KB, 1439x2440, Screenshot_20240518-103136.webp


File: 1716046577865.webp 64 KB, 1439x1461, Screenshot_20240518-103524.webp


File: 1716046794424.webp 256.81 KB, 1440x2202, Screenshot_20240518-103918.webp


File: 1716047285356.webp 81.13 KB, 1440x1425, Screenshot_20240518-104736.webp

Thanks to social media. We all get to watch these youngsters crash in real time.


File: 1716053150316.mp4 6.78 MB, 320x568, LOfCyYU-rTlrcHVq.mp4


File: 1716053252281.mp4 9.43 MB, 720x1280, how_could_(you).mp4

After HDV marries her.


File: 1716054733529.mp4 2.66 MB, 640x360, let_it_go.mp4

To the person complaining about women ranting alone in their cars for the Twitter platform... this video is for (you).


File: 1716055541877-0.png 51.32 KB, 2556x2284, tiktok-gender.png

File: 1716055541877-1.png 45.32 KB, 1000x743, twitter-gender.png

It's ackchyually for TikTok. Women feel more comfortable being cringe there. Twitter is just pornography and politics (mostly right-wing/cuckservative).


File: 1716057220019.mp4 2.66 MB, 640x360, let_it_go.mp4

Okay. To the person upset about women posting things alone in their car ranting and putting it on social media. This video is for (you).


File: 1716059421453.webp 22.13 KB, 1252x364, Screenshot_20240518-140959.webp


File: 1716059504216.webp 107.58 KB, 1440x1972, Screenshot_20240518-141117.webp


File: 1716059591202.webp 94.43 KB, 1439x2040, Screenshot_20240518-141224.webp

Wtf this is not HDV's future wife!!!!


File: 1716059677240.webp 126 KB, 1440x2052, Screenshot_20240518-141407.webp


whats wrong with you?


File: 1716065658413.webp 195.05 KB, 1440x944, Screenshot_20240515-125636.webp


File: 1716065866927-0.jpg 132.21 KB, 720x960, Screenshot_1.jpg

File: 1716065866927-1.jpg 77.85 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2.jpg

No wonder all her dates ghost her after the one-night stand. She brags about being such a high-class wealthy girlboss or whatever the fuck (which is annoying enough by itself) but she ruined her natural female body she was blessed by Allah with boner-killing repulsive tattoos on both her tits. Islam is right about tattoos.


>giving a shit about some random foid

lmao literally why


Because she was wailing over why she hasn't found "love" in her video >>80683 like it's some big mystery and her "therapists", "friends" and "family" are either gaslighting her or avoiding telling her the truth to not upset her since it looks like she has a short fuse.


>One night stands
Oh boy. Going to need sauce or to find sauce.


ok but so what, why are you invested in some retard this much?

are you perhaps jealous that she is successful in relationships and you are not


If you think analyzing human behavior is so boring or a waste of time, why are you wasting my time replying to my posts? Go back to your cuckshed on endchan.net/4chon or wherever the fuck you hide at if you dont "give a shit about anything."


lol u mad?


I want to fuck them both

I'll make her real with my cum


nobody wants to fuck goblinsaga, nice try, goblinsaga, dwarf reigns supreme, goblinsaga perma-jealous and seething


>[ - ]


every red-blooded aryan man wants to suck eithne's juicy funbags


goblinsaga you are UGLY


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