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smiley's fantasy retelling of his meeting with dwarf


He never met dwaf irl, retard.


Was hoping the asian guy at the end would get banged by chad heh


Poor Asian guy :(


Heh woulda been hot no homo



File: 1679951652746.jpg 187.84 KB, 1280x1707, 1.jpg

I am drinking right now for the first time in quite a while

This one is pretty hot too no homo



File: 1679955463112.jpg 186.41 KB, 730x900, 1679940754444117.jpg


File: 1679955971447.png 1.02 MB, 1440x1412, Screenshot_20230327-172527.png

Omg. Is that a picture of avid?



triggered beta

yea he wears a wig at parties sometimes


>triggered beta
Smiley and dwarf never met in real life. Are you retarded?


File: 1679977793471.jpg 67.33 KB, 1024x666, 1679976773417234.jpg


Kind of cool heh



triggered betas don't want to admit it but smiley got pegged


>smiley got pegged
What the fuck does that mean?


dwarf fucked him in the ass with a big black dildo


Intellectually curious about henterino again


Kind of lame compared to the first one posted.


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