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File: 1680609272106.jpeg (190.64 KB, 1284x1894, Fs2YU5LagAA_i0f.jpeg)


White women are a total disaster.


>*giggles* Sir I'm going to have to do a cavity search on you. Please step in the van with me and let me remove your pants.


>It turns out she's a trap and puts it in his pooper


>frumpy face
>smug shit eating mouth
>triggered, accusatory eyes
>privileged attitude
White women are pure shit, seriously.
And what makes a white woman want to be a cop besides penis envy? Besides institutional feminism? Wow, I want to be a cop. I want to get rough and personal with a bunch of stupid greasy niggers on a daily basis because incel patriarchy. Look at me, the white woman cop.
White women are an absolute disaster and as long as they have a modicum of freedom, we are all doomed.


File: 1680624772260.gif (3.13 MB, 277x342, 1680471935587.gif)

hwyte women are destined to poon-out


lol nice OC


File: 1680628418288.jpg (51.39 KB, 512x548, 1680612461452291.jpg)

dey just keep coming


File: 1680628429689.jpg (80.42 KB, 800x697, 2016-09-13-1473785618-3680….jpg)

We need to seize the means of reproduction. The existance of the foid cannot be tolerated in a sam hyde utopia society.


File: 1680628724835.jpg (655.16 KB, 2048x1536, poon_family.jpg)



.........those are women who transitioned to dudes?


conservative: I have video of an assault
lady cop: may I see it?
conservative: no

she was right to laugh at him

I say this as someone who wishes all cops were white men

post a pic of yourself, chang


>I say this as someone who wishes all cops were white men
>Doesn't wish all cops were dead


Look, it's the needle dick nazi simp imagining himself as the white knight saving his princess.
Do you go by the name "virgin breath?" How about incel?
Have sex.


Elaborate on this comment coward


I am the hand of god and dont you go forgetting that


I can always brush my teeth and get laid, youll always be a misguided little faggot


You are definitely a virgin.


I am in spirit but not physically, why would that be a problem anyway?




cops just follow orders; I hate the people who give those orders far more than any cop

the cops were the least offensive people in the video


>cops just follow orders
False. At the end of the day cops get to choose what to enforce and what to ignore. Law doesn't exist without enforcement. The buck stops with them.


>pig sucker


File: 1680739543329.png (532.52 KB, 663x811, Screenshot_20230406_010243….png)


If I shir why does it sting


File: 1680740044571.png (532.52 KB, 663x811, Screenshot_20230406_010243….png)

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