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By far the most important psychonaut alive (Psychonautwiki founder) is a literal discord tranny. I didn't even know he was a man until yesterday, though the weird voice did throw me off.


I want her to peg me. I am not gay.


trannies love computers
trannies love drugs

why would this surprise anyone?


I would tap that but by tranny standards this is a <10/10 better adjusted to life than me


So what


I wish normal-niggers could understand that trannyism isn't only perversion, but also an autism issue.


i wish they would fart and it smell lf shit


Stick your nose up someone's ass and suffocate to death already!



Tired of hearing about your smelly ass.


I farted and it smell of shit


are you tranny? do you take drugs?


I wouldn’t mind, she looks cool. Imagine getting home to get high on downers and your dick sucked instead of just being a weary drunkard



Josie kins btw


I want her to peg me. I am not gay btw.




pegging is when a bio girl puts a dildo in your ass

if a tranny fucks you with their meat stick that's just sodomy



The fake retard is gay not me. I am normal


Disregard that i suck cocks


I am 100% straight but I will suck cock to prove that I'm straight.


Wouldn't shulgin be the most important?


Potato eyes




>flexing gayness to prove straightness

Makes perfect sense


all the retard flaggots should have a big gay orgy


He was truly a massive junkie lol


Josie did say he was very autistic and also lacked a sense of self before drugs somehow

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