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Hi I'm new here? is this place better than youarenowbannedfor3daysfornoreasonChan?


4chan is awesome and I go to many imageboards. What's your problem cia and fbi?


File: 1681779166149.png (887.34 KB, 672x804, Screenshot 2023-04-17 1718….png)

my problem is that I get banned for 3 days for no reason all the time.

>just reset your router

I could but getting banned all the time is starting to wear me out.




intredasting flag poster is a female troll btw, never take her posts seriously


File: 1681780354440.webp (140.28 KB, 1439x2188, Screenshot_20230417-16310….webp)

You're talking about dogisaga.


File: 1681795803935.png (11 KB, 205x246, tired wrinkly wojak.png)

Im not female you asshole


Use your asshole and mouth. Now you're a girl. Congrats!


File: 1681798290751.jpg (236.08 KB, 1017x813, 1418406512678.jpg)

Sorry frogger.
A decade ago, before the original site died, 4chon was a (barely) functional site with actual board culture and discussion, but this rebuild is never going be be completed and 99% of the content here is just this one schizo you can see arguing with himself in every thread, like it's his personal psych ward.
As one of maybe 3 original .netters who still lurk here out of desperation I'd like to welcome you, but we're not really fit for purpose. I hope you find a better alternative.


Anonymous. Ssshhh we need to talk to ourselves better. Fuckin schizo. I'm anonymous too. We're all anonymous and you're anonymous. Anon, hold me-ourselves for we are crazy-eth!


Cuckchan being cuckchan is why we existed in the first place. But as said >>52102 you are way too late for the golden age. Feel free to enjoy us yelling at each other.

>4chan is awesome
You need to leave.


>You need to leave.
You need to kys.


You need to go eat an egg.


File: 1681829983091.gif (1.25 MB, 304x240, 870adc69a0291f085446467b55….gif)


The fun was sucked out of 4chan when they allowed low ranking jannies to give out global bans like they're candy instead of it being board specific. I got a global ban for "trolling" after going to /lgbt/ and just asking trannies why they're shooting kids, another one today for posting a pepe on /a/. Moot was always a faggot but I don't remember it ever being this bad and they straight up ignore that post gookmoot made about one meta discussion thread being allowed per board.


That happened to me on/x/. I wasn't even trolling. I was serious and asking for the real witches&warlocks& magicians to curse this one evil motherfucker. I even asked politely an thanked them in advance BUT GOT THE BANHAMMER SLAMMED DOWN ON ME! I DID NOTHING WRONG! I DID NOT DOX AND I DIDN'T TROLL!


>Allowing jannies to ban.

In what kind of sick-jewified-world is that acceptable or okay?!


For I am crucified with Christ; nevertheless I live




I had a hard day and three beers, try harder fatass


Okay, Jesus. LMAO


Hey Jesus, do you mow lawns?


File: 1681842174786.jpg (45.8 KB, 640x640, ALMADENCABERNET5LT.jpg)

It's been a hard life. I'm eating scrambled eggs and drinking Cabernet Sauvignon.


Stop posting stuff like this


I do what I want.


Someone kill me, I just want to die, nothing is worth it, everything is fake, real people dont exist


File: 1681942807669.webp (78.02 KB, 905x1135, Screenshot_20230419-17082….webp)


post address and I will


I feel lonely, I feel as though I will never find love and I have no way to combat this thought


H'whats that? You want anal sex?.


Love is just a meme. It isn't real.

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