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Judging by the insane amount of copypasta and low-effort replies these days, /r9k/ was a good idea for a board in theory, but it had a few problems. For one thing users would try to avoid the robot by posting nonsense spam as in 'bloxxing', so there needs to be a brutal mod crackdown on anything like this that goes against the spirit of the board. I think making the mutes progressively longer was a bad idea too, since it's just frustrating if you are trying to make an original post, but failed multiple times. This can cause people to give up or forget about their reply entirely. Even on a dead site like this, maybe it's a good idea. Every schizo lover's spat would at least need to be original.


/r9k/ was great when it wasn't being drowned in feels threads.


When was that?


/r9k/ was retarded and full of whiny normies.


In the ages long since forgotten, that was /r9k/. It was meant to be /b/ 2.0 without all the retardation, hence the robot.


r9k? more like are nine GAY!!!!!!!! amirite?


R9k is now subject to the BBC cuck hypno spam aswell, with also BWC threads being posted, those poor lads and lasses over there dont need that treatment tbh, i wish them all the best


It failed LOL. Moot was correct to delete it and /new/. He never should have brought them back.

4chan and 4chon would still be alive.


4chan has literally never had more posters


It's flooded with /pol/tard redditors.


That lasted for how long, months?
Should have been brutal moderation against evading the robot like I said. Maybe it would have worked out.

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