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File: 1681994393698.jpg (121.66 KB, 639x794, 1571562451832.jpg)


Happy Uncle Adolf Day.


He was a dumbass


kys retard


We should make fliers about how smoking weed has esoteric origins in celebrating Hitler's birthday.


I hope he is burning profusely in Hell where he will stay forever


1. A Christian Hell does not exist.
2. Hell is a Norse creation.
3. All who die in the faith go to Hell.
4. Hitler didn't go to Hell anyway, he went to Valhalla.
5. You're a fucking moron.


I bet you fap to Hitler.


Hitler's favorite drug was meth.


Doesn't matter, we either make weed smokers Hitler fans, or we force them to quit out of fear of being associated with Nazism.


LMAO wtf i love hitler now


Hitler's "favorite drug" was a medication proscribed to him by his personal doctor to handle his stress disorder (ie stomach ulcers) and offset his growing Parkinsons symptoms.


H'what wuz dis droog?


File: 1682034865082.jpg (115.87 KB, 382x278, 1593354050479.jpg)

A medication proscribed to him by his personal doctor to handle his stress disorder (ie stomach ulcers) and offset his growing Parkinsons symptoms.


File: 1682045895779.png (36.02 KB, 213x255, slappedchudjak.png)

it was meth and also hitler had one ball and he was 5'9"
black hair brown eyes; literally shit genes he was not an aryan and killed 80+million whites and his mom was literally jewish



God you're cringe.
His doctor treated him for his severe anxiety and his Parkinsons. Morell was the only doctor Hitler went through who was able to help him. What Morell did worked. Did he put some shady shit into those proscriptions? Yes. Should Hitler have listened to everyone who told him to get rid of Morell? Yes. But, again, Morell was the only one who was able to give Hitler what he seemed to need to get through the day. Hitler never questioned Morell, a credited doctor, or the concoctions he gave him, because, just like with millions of other people, who would question a doctor who seems like he knows what he's doing.
>one ball
That he lost in a war defending Austria-Hungary's right to bring Serbians to justice.
And? Are you a child?
>black hair and brown eyes, shit genes
His eyes were blue. You are an absolute joke.
>not an aryan
The whole Aryan thing was Himmler's idea, Hitler just ran with it. Admittedly, a goofy concept, like the Black Sun and the Thule Society. You're still retarded.
>80 million
>mom was literally jewish
Nope. Try again. Then kill yourself.


This queer probably donates to Stop the Steal monthly.


Actually yes, his mom did have Jewish ancestry. Did they practice the religion? No, but that doesn't matter. The whole concept here was more so about the race.


The election was stolen. That is a fact. No, I don't support Trump anyway. Kike tool is a kike tool.

Actually no, she didn't. Even if she did, what point do you think you're actually making? A "Jewish" man working to get rid of Jews only makes Hitler more like the second coming of Christ.


Hitler's father is the one the kikes tried to claim, you don't even know the slanders you're trying to repeat.

Nah, Trump lost because White male turnout was just a little lower the second time around. The faggot didn't build the wall and actually campaigned on more free money for niggers.


Arizona's independent investigation found voter fraud that would've turned the state in Trump's win. Pennsylvania ballots had dead people voting.


File: 1682171912702.jpg (100.26 KB, 602x498, 1682077569107.jpg)

>The election was stolen.
Please internalize this. It's not in the president's power to do much even if they wanted to. A lot of people claim to recognize this, but then a switch flips in their brain every election.

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