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what was that reddit alternative site that had like deleted subs and racism on it
cant remember the name


Voat? I'm pretty sure that didn't last long.


nah not that

think started when /r/consume product was banned



I think if the owner didn't make a big scene about what an arbiter of free speech Ruqqus was to be he wouldn't have seemed like such a hypocrite for shutting it down after getting exactly what he asked for. That said, being a hypocrite compared to ending up a target and potentially losing everything ultimately may be the smart play in the long run. In the end, he shouldn't have tried to court traffic by proudly announcing his intent to harbor extreme opinions if he wasn't prepared to actually receive them. It could have easily been a nice conservative-friendly alternative website instead if that's what he really wanted and honestly there wouldn't have been anything wrong with that.


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nah wasnt it either
i have found it again though



Wow I was pretty confident in my selection. Oh well, glad you found it eventually! heh


Dot win or saidit probably


>literal answer
>leaves thread and doesn't thank



You gave him the answer after he already figured it out, nerd.



Wow smh


I remember Ruqqus as if it was yesterday. It was actually what got me into the 'red pill' thing and all before I got into imageboards. I even had created a community that was kinda semi-active. Shame that the d*scord cabal turned the site to shit and then it shut down. After than I moved to imageboards.



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