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Ukraine is the most powerful country in Europe! All the world will bow before us! Putin shall be gassed like the KIKE he is!!!!!


Lies, foky probably supports the ruskies


Foky would personally suck off Zelensky while proclaiming him to be an Aryan super chad. It's literally the only disagreement he has with Andrew Anglin. Too bad his AIDs probably disqualifies him from joining Ukraine as a volunteer.


>only ONE disagreement with andrew anglin
Foky was the dailystormer spammer.


I'm glad foky is gone and I hope he died in the Ukraine.


Foky is based

You fags seethe more


Zelensky is the best in a was the best one I had seen before he was 💯 👌 🙌 5 I have to a with you on what I is to agree 4chon was the first


I don't think a human wrote this.


There's lots of foreign people on the chon and some of them speak dogshit-english but they try and that's all that counts.


Trolls, bots, dogshit-english speakers, all of the above.


Zelenskyy's massive uncut Aryan mahood would taste like heaven while Putin's pathetic circumcised cripple kike cock almost certainly tastes like Muslim feces.


Foky that's a really homosexual thing to say. Are you finally out of the closet?!


The last time I played this, I created a Hindu empire that broke Islam, absorbing Saudi Arabia and Persia. Then the game started to lag to shit and I got a nonsense rebellion out of nowhere. I guess there was an update lately but the bordergore and general AI is still bad. Not being able to ally or marry because of religious differences is also still lame.


I'm a team player for Ukraine! Something a commie like you would never understand!



It's obviously Phantasm

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