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Something strange about his voice, can't put my finger on it


He's a voice actor for cartoons I think.


File: 1684764700408.jpg (48.44 KB, 585x749, 1684722779723128.jpg)

You just know that if the guy was a Chad...

She'd be like...

oh everything he says is so intelligent, he's so funny and her panties would be drenched.


You can make out his mask on your aids and you will never know if he will be able if we can have to.


File: 1684782464362.webp (184.4 KB, 1440x1872, Screenshot_20230522-14050….webp)

Yum. My favorite salad, word-salad. I have no idea wtf u just said.


thich thigks save lifes


nice test


Yesterday I have a pleat in my high class with my wife who has been a good 👍 🙂 😌 🤪 ☺️ 🙃 👍 🙂 😌 🤪 ☺️ 🙃 is the first person you know of the URL and you can make it a bit much more of shit and you have a better chance to look after yourself.


Good lord that thigh meat.


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