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Math sucks. What the hell is this polynomial shit? You already gave me the equation, nigga. Just plug in the variable LMAO! There aint be no 'unknown variables' either. What the fuck do I need an equation for if I aint even know what I'm try'na calculate? Kno what I'm sayin'? Sheeeeiit.. How da' HELL am I 'simplifying' by adding 20 steps, bitch? Also I don't care if it's 'less accurate', decimal points are better than fractions. Fuck math. Das' rite.


based and no-math pilled


when did 4chon become ragechan?


File: 1649207783341.png (208.01 KB, 526x526, 100592520_1354626451398614….png)


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cia aint catch me yet
megathrax finna infect
ya bitch with darky sex
interracial queerbox rekt
megasake felipe effect


File: 1649230087303.jpg (117.91 KB, 1400x875, pointy chin anime.jpg)

HOLYFUCK I LOVE THAT IMAGE, Do they have a video about this subject? This matches my way of thinking.

No joke nigga, where do i find these people? do they have a discord?


Yo, get a load of dis shit rit here. These math niggas be sayin' f(x) is y, and x is actually (x+h). They couldn't have used different letters? Are dey fukin' wit us? They must be smokin' some o' dat dank shit to come up wit dat nonsense. Sheeiiit.


You are a retard


Me an' my homies are gonna roll up on yo' math cuck bitch-asses and bust a cap. You can count dem bullets, nigga.


Unironically though, the problem with math is how information is presented. Unless you've seen similar problems before, you have to decipher the hidden code of the esoteric math cult if you want to solve an equation. Let's take (f+g)(-3) where f(x)=x-4 and g(x)=x-6. Pretend you've never seen a problem like this before. The 13 years of public education would probably lead you to believe you solve it like this: ((x-4)+(x-6))(-3) ->(2x-10)-3 ->6x-30, when in fact you're supposed to just plug in -3 for x, so it's -16. Any other time in your life you would have distributed that -3, it's in parentheses after all, but the math pope has decreed otherwise in this case. It shits all over the deductive reasoning skills that math is allegedly supposed to build upon by breaking the patterns you've been taught your entire life. We suffer because hoity toity fags, who smell their own farts can't figure out how to communicate information effectively. It turns something that should be incredibly simple into a confusing game where you're constantly second-guessing yourself, hoping you didn't forget whatever asinine rule they came up with to solve the specific problem you're working on.


Literally me.



Fuk yo ass, raciss' cracka!

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