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I finally figured out why I have never had a GF today frens and I want to share this with you all. It's pretty obvious in hindsight, but I bet some of you still haven't figured it out.

Anyways, I found out yesterday that males value other men who have status and can get them girls more than other qualities a friend can have. Women want high status guys who are good looking and men want to be friends with high status guys who can get them GFs. This can vary from person to person but this is generally the case. I have always been very anti optics and never cared about status. This lead people to not associate with me. People would refuse to respond to me in high school if I tried to talk to them. This caused me to have a near non existent social circle to this day. A loner has a very hard time getting a GF or even friends since he has no status or social circle. This is why decent guys, such as myself, can fall into inceldom for seemingly no reason. I am not bad looking nor am I a "toxic" person according to my few friends.

I wish my parents, teachers, or anyone else growing up could of told me this. Now I am completely screwed. I lost so much dam social exposure in my life due to being functional shunned. I don't know what to do. I am 23 and have never kissed a girl or been to a party. Shared experiences are important in making frens and I don't have the experiences.

Any of you ever managed to overcome something like this? I don't know what to do. Is it even possible to catch up? I feel inferior to people with actual social lives now since I know they have played the game much better than me.


>I am 23 and have never kissed a girl or been to a party.
You can cry when you're a decade older, kid. I suggest third-world sex tourism.


33 cel-lord here

> I feel inferior to people with actual social lives

theyre flippin norms

you life is now one of quiet observation and routine
i would suggest getting into anime


>I don't know what to do.
<ascertain your interests
<find social clubs that cater to your interests
<meet people at these clubs that will jive with your interests
<get gf
Don't lower your standards to fit in with the sheep just so you can land a whore.


The problem here is that it's highly likely that there aren't many girls who are into the things he's interested in. The gym is maybe the only place I can think of that's social to any degree, and something typical men and women both have a mutual interest in.


you don't have a gf because you offer nothing. either you have genetics, amenities for her spawn, or entertainment for her mind/body. we're disposable otherwise.


I didn't say it was over.
Modern anime sucks and I have already watched all the anime I think I would most likely like. I am 23 not 12.
I live in a small midwest town. I like the outdoors but I have to drive atleast 2hrs away for good outings. I got the small townish negatives with non of the benefits it seems.
Your right about my interest not being something women are really interested in, but even if they were that doesn't mean I would meet them. This is the problem I have no way to meet people in my actual life and trying to meet people online seems terrible.
This isn't true. I don't have a GF for the reasons I posted above. I ended up in a situation with no social circle, so I meet 0 women. If I had a 100% of fucking any girl a friend introduced to me I would be a virgin still. I am undiscovered.
I have no fucking idea what you are even trying to say. It seems like you are calling me a pussy, but I have no fear of calling people out on there bullshit. This is one reason people didn't like me.


you come across as a failed norm
truly pathetic
either own it and get on with your life or sort your shit out

why do you even want a gf


I'm saved
1401 Geil Ave, Des Moines, IA 50315


I am a failed norm when did I say otherwise? Everyone who isn't a norm is pretty much a failed norm unless they are a monk or tesla. People who pretend they don't want something are even more pathetic since they are lying to themself.

I want a GF since I am bored and it seems like an interesting experience. In the long term I also want a family. Asking why some one wants a GF is like asking someone why they want to have friends. Its a basic human urge to want to have relationships with people whether they are romantic or otherwise.


File: 1650067565999.jpeg (35.27 KB, 474x618, 9afa70e8ca1c15f5e0d8db03b….jpeg)

i fucking dont know nigga

i didnt even finish your post

ive read it all at this point

unless youre talking about flying and laser vision i dont think im capable of giving a heck, sorry lad


Ignore that retard "wizard" douche. Of course you want a gf, everyone wants a companion. The issue, and this is something you will have to accept one way or the other or you will live a life full of misery due to misunderstanding is that the modern world corrupts everyone, women especially, so thoroughly that if you don't get one at just the right time you will have a fucking nutcase in your hands. Trust me on that, as someone who regrets ignoring the red flags of some such psycho.


Ask your parents to find you a gf, unironically. Maybe their friend has a daughter who never gets to leave the house or something.


File: 1650071358447.jpg (44.51 KB, 726x500, 1624457804321.jpg)

>I am 23


fuck you homo norm faggot


File: 1650094545528.png (701.42 KB, 836x908, whore.png)

Pfft, u got a dumbass classiest view of the world, yeah your type of people will chase status, thats how you middle class people are.
Everyone i knew/know did not go for status, we grew up poor, they went for personality, looks, compatibility, I, even as someone "fatherless" lost my virginity at 23 and im an AFAB. Had to prove over and over again i was not in it for the money that i never got (he would seriously bitch when i bought a 65 dollar harmonica one fucking time) he was such a fucking kike with his money, even tried to keep my money in the separation despite him having a bunch of savings in the bank, he made his parents pay our rent when we were together and put thousands of dollars of my savings into his bank account, he quit his job and studies soo many fucking times. I was gonna put up with it all the be not like those horrible wives that nag and cause problems…, but no i could not stand the nazi shit. And got immediately dumped. Ill avoid relationships cuz i lost my emotions to forced psych drugging.

I will not give you advice to find people who are not status chasers, because you don't fucking deserve one and you sound like a fucking cunt.


I don't think your insight on this issue would be very valuable.


>durr nobody understands the lonely middle class male!!!!

My husband acted like u retards, most of you are not even virgins, ur whore fuckers, and all the NSN losers and fartychest just pretended to be virgins as a joke on the internet.

Ur all liars.


Lol yeah! im sure those whores you pay to fuck you when they otherwise wouldn't sure appreciate you

Better get sucking your senpai's cocks if you want more money waggie whore


File: 1650187302691.jpeg (12.65 KB, 259x194, D5389178-CD23-4AA4-A30D-0….jpeg)

haha yeah, making money for someone else means you deserve a pure virgin middle class white sugar baby to fulfill all your needs in exchange for money, you want to be stuck in your prison, you love it thst nobody will ever love you, because your status and money is all that matters to the types of people you surround yourself witth, vain cunt.


File: 1650188694444.jpeg (31.67 KB, 489x537, 2BEFC43B-7076-4F83-9862-7….jpeg)

>abortion pills
Lol nice preconceived cope there mr undesirable.

FYI I only ever used condoms and quit birth controll years ago, ive never been pregnant so no abortion, nice cope tho whore fucking loser.

You said it yourself, you think everyone on out cares ablut status, but you know deep down its the class and type of people you are surrounded by, how did that help your quality of life if u are innyour dead end job still huh?


Well what's there to talk about? Find a gf or friends if you want them. You should be getting a WIFE though, if you want to be doing some good with yourself.


File: 1650192231984.jpeg (17.94 KB, 228x221, B639FE9A-7DBF-40DF-88C6-F….jpeg)

You make absolutely no sense schizo, your kike mentality of mental gymastics is malfunctioning.

Stay where the fuck you are paying for sex with money, nobody will ever like you as a person cuz you have no personality fartychest kike, spend spend spend until u break down from ir waggie job, stay the fuck in your bubble around pieces od shit just like you.


>…your type of people chase status, thats how you middle class people are.
I literally said I never cared about status growing up and I just now noticed how massively important it is. I am also not middle class. I came from a poor family that has a very blue color culture.
>the rest
Whats your point?


Ur american tho, so you will never have a personality or have meaning in life.


> I literally said I never cared about status growing up and I just now noticed how massively important it is

missing the whole point of the criticism, plus your american/canadian so its 10 times more true what a soulless husk you are


File: 1650477087198.png (39.47 KB, 600x380, lauren-normie.png)

jus b normal


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