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I have insomnia and some schizomimetic issues from drug use (probably) as well as mild benz dependency, going on a 90% meat diet gave me a very quick remission of my issues including allowing me to come off benzos very quickly.

This diet is so boring but it works, might've cured Stephen Hawking. I want a burger or ice cream but can't have it because it will make me hallucinate again :(


I didn't know Jordan Peterson posted here.






Jordan Peterson is epic


I cared motherfucker


Excessive meat causes chronic inflammation.


Too much protein in general is theorized to lead to rapid aging by causing your cells to forget where they belong.


Pigs belong in the dirt.


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The soyfaggotry they're trying to push is off putting, but the rat study on it has me wondering. 0.36g of protein per pound of body weight a day isn't really that restrictive tbh. That's around 70g for your average adult male. You could practically eat a whole carton of eggs if you wanted.


I made both these threads if it's not clear:


The meat/butter only diet helped me come off benzos very quickly, and resolved my insomnia and other issues completely, but only if I stayed on that particular diet. After having bone broth I've been able to reintroduce carbs aggressively. So the bone broth actually provided active healing.


killed 2 birds with 1 stone



And I also had ginger yesterday and it gave me no issues, so I'm expecting to be able to use drugs again soon (drugs/supplements/compounds/spices etc).


try AIDS fruity rich bitch


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The jew fears the meat


>schizomimetic issues from drug use
fun fact, one of the top lsd manufacturers of all time (Owsley Stanley, sound guy for grateful dead) was one of the og carnivore diet guys

>ice cream

carnivore ice cream exists i think https://www.youtube.com/shorts/ygyIpjhRApg

ginger is insanely good for u and very based

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