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go outside and meet new people RIGHT NOW


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I did, i have antivaxx/antimask friends, go to a weekly music event for people of all abilities people, and am part of a group for giving fun speeches.

Get fucked nazi losers, kys fartychest


Oh sweet good for you bro


Give me a single place to meet people under the age of 50 that isn't school or work.


Church, heathen.




All niggers, spics, old people, and washed-up junkies looking to 'reform'.
Completely empty, and not really a place for socialization regardless.

Prime examples of advice everyone likes to give, but that nobody actually does. It's hilarious, all the people telling you to 'touch le grass XD' have no social life to speak of themselves. They'd be completely fucked if they had to try and find a date that wasn't on some shitty hook-up app, yet they go on pretending you can just pick up chicks at the mall like it's still the 90s.


tldr there little NEL


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You've been trying to force that as a meme for over a year and still nobody has any idea what it means.


(this tbh famalam)


I tried and i was humiliated. I'm not doing that again for a long time.




Post greentext


no, I want to stay home and watch anime

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