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Best simpsons segment EVER


I think folks into the scythian stuff tend to be more pagan unless something has changed. The whole point of interest is that they are close kin to the original nomadic conquering indo europeans


Indoeuropeanism is made up bullshit, you should feel ashamed.
PIE is fake, Proto-celtic is fake too.
They literally looked at the different languages and made up fucking words.
They did not even see into the past of similar universes to recover the words they just made it all fucking up, no magic, no soul to search the truth.


Y shud I feel ashamed? First of all I never claimed to be a scythian scholar and also there are very clear linguistic ties between the groups from pie. Wtf do you even mean? U think different Europeans just popped up from nothing in place? They clearly have a single root at some point. I would say that before they were the aryans there were previous root races as well.


Also this all has nothing to do with my point that the scythian-interested folks don't tend to be the Christians.


>fatstralia thread


>DURR LANGuages are similar, so we can just make up words and call it legit

SMH, this is why i hate atheists.


NObody will want to fuck you without money, boring fuck, i almost killed myself having to be around you. once im gone from you, the years long nonstop suicidal thoughts stop LOL


As much as I love to shit on germs, 'trad' internet christcucks are everything they accuse 'pagans' of being, as in they're gay larpers, who dismiss everything wrong with their religion using 'no true scotsman' arguments.
>You viKANGS just don't get it, you should be pretending to be a crusader instead.
>Sure my church donates to Israel, has female preachers, hangs gay pride flags, and the majority of it's congregation is black, but that's not REAL Christianity!


>has female preachers

This is why all you nazi cunts wives and gf's leave you and turn into trannies.

You are such hateful cunts u have such a problem with women having important positions when the bible had female preachers.

And you go fap to ben shapiros sister while she screeches about what a great classic female she is while NOT BEING A MOTHER AND HAVIGN A FUCKING CAREER WHILE BITCHING AND HATING ON WOMEN WITH CAREERS FUCK YOU ALL


I didn't make the rule, schizo. Saint Paul did. And it goes to show just how 'trad' Christians are that they can't even follow the teachings of the 2nd most important guy in their religion.


The only redemption for dogi at this point I can see is a rape correction and even then. But obviously her husband is too much of a faggot to do it.




imagine posting this dogcunt, youre sad as fuck


dogi has so many fat folds she could take over 9000 cocks at once


she can but nobody wants to


HAHA what the fuck does paul have to do it, christcucks act like his muhammad. They are meant to listen to jesus and god and moses, what the fuck is this paul shit.


HAHA like the court order i did not have when i got out of the ward without even a community order cuz they know you lied, kys


Have fun fapping to ur mental gymastics fag.


File: 1650445800873.gif (1.59 MB, 400x300, makesweet-8z9r5o.gif)

Bruh, ur pathetic, imagining this shit.
Ur tiny white rotini pasta dick will stay untouched.
In your dreams you imagine i post that, hookhands.


First of all, I wouldn't even rape you, because you are repulsive on all levels. You are filthy fat vulgar, you have mixed abbo blood (probably lowliest animal like blood you can have) and you are psychologically completely fucked up in the head by all the pills you gobbled down like avid does cum.
Quite frankly, its very sad.
But there are some things that have to be done, this is one of them and I will take no pleasure in doing so either. The abbo inside of you has to perish and it seems like you are to weak to overcome him yourself, so rape it is, prepare your butthole.


File: 1650452787512.jpg (4.34 KB, 213x160, uah.jpg)

WOW yeah us "abos" are sooooo bad that you fantasise about raping us LOL?


This is a strange game of "i totally seriously don't like you!!!"


I don't give a shit about abbos and I certainly don't want to rape or fuck them either, just like I don't want to fuck monkeys. Rape correction is only possible because there is still an aryan heritage inside of you, latent but still there.
Abbos are animal like, their spirituality is, at best, telluric and thus they are completely unfit to mingle with Aryans. Today we live in an age of dissolution and thus many of these tragic things happens, as in your case, but worry not there is still hope, even for you, but don't expect it to be painless or comfortable.


File: 1650453835261.png (79.97 KB, 250x264, smug sonic.png)

IDGAF if im raped as long as there's no stds or pregnancy i honestly don't give a fuck, WOW it stopped being rape, weird.

And you euroscum just hate aboriginals so much cuz we had cool septum piercings and come from indians. You will never be a true aryan. Cry more bitch


File: 1650474515680.png (964.23 KB, 1136x852, 1650467913168.png)

You don't seem to understand that the correctional rape is just a means to an end, if you submit before that its even better.
And again, I don't hate abbos, just like I don't hate monkeys or other animals when they are contained within their natural habitat. Only when their population grows problematic, when they enter the living space of the h'white man and when they intertwine with him, it is that they become a problem and have to be dealt with accordingly, that is like pulling weeds out of a field because you want the corn to grow, without hate, you just do what has to be done.


File: 1650518973858.png (1.02 MB, 796x623, resaved for 4chon.png)

>i hate "abos" so much that we have to rape them

Ur retaaaaaarded, you said we are like monkeys, but by your logic the rape would be bestiality, ur a hypocrite and a fetishits, u cant stop fapping to the idea of fucking us.
Thats why there is SOOO much mixed aboriginals!


Gay for cock, heh

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