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any movies that women consider "best romantic films" are blackpilling as fuck as a guy watching lol


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youre a fag dude, pleasuring women actively for their benefit is at least a thousand times straighter than whatever throatfuck disturbed shit you promote

kill yourself now


just watched the notebook

trying to understand the f*male mind


My friend(female) in highschool constantly told me to watch it but i never did. Give me the broad strokes.


File: 1650484652146.jpg (287.65 KB, 811x1081, 1650227710197.jpg)

He puts her on the door

He sinks to the ocean

While she goes to shore

What a whore


seen it
its shit


this isn't just blackpilling as a man, it's blackpilling as a child or grandchild

Rose had kids and grandkids with her husband but her ideal afterlife was reliving a fling she had with a man she barely knew, that stone could have been sold and done a lot of good for her family as well but she chose to drop in the water because it was part of her precious memory of the titanic

her fee-fees meant more to her than any of her real relationships with people


you are gay

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