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Happy Hanukkah


I fucking hate niggers.


whats going on with people to whom this is like pic related is religious shit, what are they thinking about now, how is(?) their faith currently developing? (talking about trump worship / q shit like ops pic)


not checked because i dont support circumcision


bullshit! sure, it's clever, clever enough for just a mascot to run in front of the white house for a rich client's politician.


File: 1651189184945-0.png (153.63 KB, 360x360, kek hat.png)

File: 1651189184945-1.jpg (115.12 KB, 768x1024, kekistani kike.jpg)

File: 1651189184945-2.jpg (66.16 KB, 960x646, kek idol.jpg)

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y'all niggas postan in a KEK thread


File: 1651189381158.gif (715.63 KB, 552x470, 1597271057123 - 1600378719….gif)


Imagine getting yourself deep into the kek "movement", on board the Trump train, thinking you might actually make a difference, and then watching as Trump does literally nothing and four years later his second term is stolen and given to a demented kiddy diddler.


kekists only failed because kek wasn't worshiped properly, the cult reverted to christianity and started posting "comfy" apus


Sounds plausible.


kek was a chaos agent. everyone got their monies worth. no refunds.



File: 1651944469898.jpg (363.75 KB, 1100x1471, 054651d44973acc769b47c8348….jpg)


i don't know what's going on there, thought this shit was dead. like the whole board comes off as something meant to induce trance with overload of "information" while being sedated af on meds.


like the important aspect that's overlooked being euphoria attained from stimulating images and sentences while being high on various boomer prescriptions.

to extrapolate, chinks and/or russians are providing drugged up boomers with endless slew of stimulating imagery and words to brainwash them.


like similar to jerking off for hours and watching com truise videos when ur high on weed, ebay bathtub phenibut or whatever


File: 1651965913263.jpg (95.38 KB, 468x432, Screenshot_20220504-045923….jpg)

the numbereres

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