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hmm k den


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wat u goin to use dis 4


not sure, but C seems a whole lot more applicable and approachable and to the point when studying unix/linux system programming with it in parallel, this is what those larpers don't tell u, i don't know maybe some do

systems programming or native application software is not exactly the hottest thing now, but i'm interested in having a good basis for writing performant native libraries




>unix/linux system programming
dats extremely boring doe, its the most thankless work ever, and u do it for free. being able to meaningfully contribute to de linux kernel for example requires several years of studying and poking around the gigantic codebase to understand how it works, probably takes longer than to even become a doctor (another overrated job not worth the money) after years of schooling and residency. dats why the vast majority of contributors to de linux kernel, drivers etc. are full-time employees or contractors of tech companies like intel, huawei, ibm, nvidia, etc. who only started contributing after being hired and trained by them. so while u'd be doing it for free, ur literally being cucked by ppl paid 6-figures by the big tech oligarchy doing similar work as u


for me it's more about being able to develop on the platform, perhaps some tech oligarchy could pay me 6 figures to translate pythonshitter ml code in magnitudes faster native implementation

or maybe i could put a shitty rotating cube in tty framebuffer, write a 2.5d doom like thing or something just because


You're both NEL



Life isn't about money tho, people have passion projects and enjoy what they do although I don't see it as fun personally

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