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File: 1651594318718.jpg (138.46 KB, 1280x853, ukraine heart.jpg)


Does 4chon support Ukraine?


I have no opinion either way as I'm not paid to support military operations but generally I dunno both sides are probably bad. The above battalion uses black sun imagery and are based nazis, while putin is kicked and globohomor so I probably like the former but either will play into the hands of Zog. Anything that weakens us and Un hegemony might be good tho


I support the side that more easily lets me take advantage of impoverished East European girls.


Good luck when she abandons you once she gets visa or whatever as I have heard happens a lot


This. But I still tell people I support Russia because I hate people and their stupid fucking sheep opinins.

>a slav gf to every man who destroys murrican infrastructure
Sign me up.


File: 1651631273416.jpg (103.22 KB, 850x465, ZELENSKY-I-LOVE-TO-SEE-THE….jpg)


ukraine vs. russia is literally jews jewwing jews.


the only countries not run by jews are bhutan, nepal and the seychelles


File: 1652128342106.webp (626.91 KB, 4032x3024, stand-with-ukraine.webp)


>open kids
[joke goes here]


[neither confirm nor deny about joking whether or not the undercover cops exist, or take pictures of children without any clothes on]


I just wanna say it's genuinely fucking hilarious to me (who has been to the Balkans before and has South Slavic family) watching deluded neoliberals in America seriously threaten to move to Ukraine 'because it's more progressive than the state's now that things like Roe vs Wade have passed and there's ultra MAGA, Zelensky is just like Iron Man!'


what's the NELliest country in the Balkans?




have you been there?


File: 1652441523094.png (683.44 KB, 801x1050, 1652429164404.png)

>He won't let us send $40 billion without oversight to make sure it doesnt just get embezzled. This is unacceptable because the whole point is to embezzle it.


File: 1652478965334.webp (192.46 KB, 1800x1314, ben-garrison-jewkraine.webp)


Zyklon Ben putting KIKES in their place once more.


slava ukraini


oh nooo they have to feed their own babies without formula THE HORROR!


fuck off


wow you hate ukraine that much bigot


eat shit and die


your country is collapsing, orc


What do you think boobs are for?


I dont own a country, germcunt



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