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disney wanted me to be a child actor when I was a kid

did I dodge a bullet by not going for it?

I mean I could've been giga famous by now but #damaged


very few child actors make it. the goose is one example. even chloe moretz with a top tier plastic surgeon father became a fridge and floundered. its sorta like tv actors a movie actor can go to tv but for some reason a tv actor making it big in movies never happens. they tried to push that pajeet from the game of thrones, with the white hair, and all her movies were literal bombs and she was like in half a dozen.


guess you should've joined the army.

you should've learned your lesson about moving into the wrong neighborhood.

i mean, you could've drove the hum-V over the landmine like sarge was hoping you'd go do.


fucking NEL


observe Macaulay Culkin on RLM

there is nothing oddly telling about that weird pajamas and kids shit fashion thing he has going on huh


you missed the chance to get raped by charlie sheen.

were you kawaii?

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