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File: 1610183229147.jpg (114.38 KB, 1024x576, _91053750_gettyimages-3287….jpg)


I was just searching google for "best pictures of hitler" and this one came in 3rd, it was attached to this article
I was hoping to find pictures of the contest winner, does anyone here ever remember seeing pics of the contest winner? Its from five years ago


File: 1610183380320.jpg (239.18 KB, 892x640, time-100-influential-photo….jpg)

That one is Google's 3rd ranked best picture of Hitler,

← this is the 2nd place

and the champion of all pictures of Hitler, according to Google is…



File: 1610183390736.jpg (113.93 KB, 748x1080, heinrich-hoffmann-hitler-n….jpg)



Google's selection of images was surprisingly good given that they're kikes, there weren't any disrespectful ones until 17th place, which was Charlie Chaplin.



I'm not completely convinced that Hitler ever even existed, it seems like maybe he is just a figment of the holohoax. That seems like the most reasonable explanation of why Google has such a nice selection of Hitler pics. Where would the kikes be without their eternal boogeyman? They have to promote the Hitler rumor or their land grab in the levant is unjustified.



>When the salvia kicks in

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