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File: 1610402143982.jpg (53.63 KB, 400x600, the end is nigh.jpg)


They nuked parler for practically nothing
How long till they take down 4chan and us and every other alt chan?
Then what?

Is the end finally within sight for our kind?
We had a hell of a run lads
It was an honor to shitpost with you


I think preemptively being nice is a solid option .

I remember when the whole dun goofed debacle happened and moot changed /b/ to signal that it was a lovely place full of nice people the day of the news segment

But tbh, most seethers on the internet are too far gone into being arseholes that they couldnt even pretend to be nice if they wanted to






4chan is a useful venue for them to circulate propaganda and advertising, it won't be shut down, it will end up like reddit and have it's character changed completely over time by the invisible behind the scenes actions of the moderators.



>it will end up like reddit and have it's character changed completely over time by the invisible behind the scenes actions of the moderators.
Been that way for a decade.



Not soon enough unironcially



here is the 8cuck onions link

Good to know there will be at least one populated chan left up in case 4cuck ever gets taken down heh



File: 1610436147061.jpeg (135.77 KB, 771x960, Ereutf7W4AAVYMK.jpeg)

parler is unironically a honeypot

gab is more legit (although still a honeypot albeit unintentionally)



Pretty disappointed that we have to choose between an obviously dead (but thankfully defunct) Parler or Gab which is a Christian extremist's safe space. He needs to understand that if he doesn't allow porn and artwork like that his users will always have Twitter living rent free in their heads and stealing their market share



I can live without porn existing outside of explicitly porn sites tbh



I can live without pornographers existing outside of explicitly israel tbh



People need the latest info on their favorite e-thots and smut artists. Think about all the websites that porn helped make popular: 4chan, newgrounds, tumblr, ect. You are crippling your userbase significantly if you don't allow porn. It can make or break a website.



File: 1610474964286.jpg (50.8 KB, 640x430, assfountain.jpg)

the porn that was on /b/ way back when wasn't arousing porn, it was people making reposts from SA's "horrors of porn" board. later on 4chan became popular and jews realized it could be abused for free commercial advertising and thats when ntgger porn and other jewish media franchises like MCR & 300 started to be aggressively shilled on /b/. the ntgger porn is what attracted the autogynephiliacs, trannys love straight porn because they jack off fantasizing about being a girl whos filled up with cock meat.



You seem to suspiciously know alot about how these 'jews' apparently subvert the youth

I'm keeping my eye on you

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