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2021 Banner Thread


File: 1610414100699.png (58.01 KB, 300x100, lonley.png)



File: 1610417014260.jpg (41.95 KB, 448x176, 20210112_020051.jpg)

Someone resize this and put /r9k/ text on it



File: 1610419686145.jpg (49.91 KB, 300x100, ABC-ROBOT.jpg)

reupload, made the font bigger.



Will add soon, but not now heh.



Change the font, use a more hacker style font like a cmd style font



File: 1610432385317.jpeg (10.96 KB, 300x100, horsepedestalbanner.jpeg)



File: 1610476251650.jpg (17.37 KB, 300x100, good art.jpg)

That one ABe drawing of misaki is everywhere, even though it sucks. So is all the shitty Lain art. All of that shit is far more offensive than the images the u/maxwelhill jidf soyence reddit reposter uses when he a thread makes him angry. Why are anime faggots so predictably boring?



File: 1610499178106.jpg (50.09 KB, 300x100, 1610417014260.jpg)

your criticism has been duly noted







thanks, i can make more critical commentary about anime faggots whenever, just say the word.



it's true, the misaki logo et al are extremely common and are found on just about every imageboard. i will reconsider my choice in pics and maybe make it a little more topica.



i agree, anime fans are often boring, repetitious and uncreative, but thats no surprise, being an anime fan is just the children's cartoon version of "my favorite band is too obscure, you've never heard of it".

thats just scratching the surface when it comes to valid criticism of anime fans. every anime site using the same gay drawing is small potatoes compared to anime fans' autogynephilia

if you want to know how truly horrid they are



…then you'll have to read some about trannys and autogynephilia.



this is a good place to remind everyone that steesatsu cosplays as a girl at anime cons



looks like steesatsu deleted the autogynephilia on uboachan, i guess it hit a little too close to home for all of those adult men who are fixated on a video game where the only player character is a young girl



What the heck are you talking about?



File: 1610580827282.jpg (137.51 KB, 643x1004, faggot.jpg)

i thought it would be interesting to ask a group of adult men that are fixated on a video game where the only player character is a young girl about the topic of autogynephilia and how it pertains relates to their enthusiasm for yn and those faggots got all butthurt about it for a couple days, then steesatsu deleted the thread.



Autogynephilia seems like a common fetish, and it's probably why so many men like DYKE porn so much. I had a fetish like that when I was younger too, but I got over it. More proof that trannyism would be just a phase for most teenagers.



yes, it seems like autogynephilia is a big key in explaining how and why the tranny trend has taken off recently.



wut is autogynephilia heh



go play enough girl video games or watch enough girl anime and you'll find out



File: 1610598812486.jpeg (329.67 KB, 1174x2048, d3keoixprq861.jpeg)

it's when you self insert as the girl when watching porn, really bad for your sexual identity and self worth.
ironically some of the more frowned upon crossdressing fetishes such as kigurumi have no apparent connection to trannies. I believe the difference comes from the satisfaction of accomplishing a successful cosplay rather than the frustation of never achieving the transition to the opposite sex.



I was just curious because I like DYKE porn and pinup/solo stuff, I kind of figured that's what it was (because I looked it up. LOL!) but I just don't see the connection and wanted to hear your explanation. I just don't like watching some male model with a dingus three times the size of mine fucking a hot chick while hooting like a gorilla, I could sooner nut to something like that full body latex image you've just posted in fact. Perhaps that is abnormal though idk



i forget where i read about it, which is too bad because it was a fun link, explained the true depths of depravity trannys have sunk to and in enough detail to be pretty funny.
the tl;dr version is that trannys recognize women as infantile and instead of finding that repulsive, they decide its something that they want to be, because infants aren't subject to the same social pressures as adults. diaper fetishes are extremely popular amongst trannys because
they desire to go back to living in an age before they understood gender roles and the judgement that goes along with that understanding and they feel they can accomplish that by pretending to be a woman.
or something like that.
the real key fact here is that faggots and trannys get massively butthurt when the topic of autogynephilia comes up, because it hits way too close to home, you don't have to know why, just throw the term around as much as possible and you're guaranteed to anger trannys. autogynephilia is a trigger word, its like a magical incarnation for free butthurt.



based, that would explain their CONSTANT need for validation and extremely thin skin as well



yes, short tempers make it less work to extract their butthurt. another fun fact about this topic is that the trannys you see are just a tiny fraction of the anime/porn addicts out there who secretly jack off the "i wonder what it would be like to have a pussy that was filled with cocks" fantasy several times a day. on anime sites its a safe bet that pretty much all of the posters are fapping to autogynephilia, so when someone brings up the topic they all immediately get the "oh no, everyone knows about my most shameful hidden secret" reaction and hilarity ensues.



File: 1610648242494.jpeg (355.45 KB, 1406x2048, EroLEChXcAQ-0QM.jpeg)

>I just don't like watching some male model with a dingus three times the size of mine fucking a hot chick while hooting like a gorilla
This is an understandable sentiment, which is why most of what I fap to is either 2D or random e-thots(Where things are better in my imagination). DYKES don't excite me anymore, primarily because It feels like I'm being left out, and I'm just some weirdo who's watching people have sex, which is the actual reality LOL!



File: 1610669813475.jpg (103.99 KB, 599x643, cisagp .jpg)

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