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File: 1610573762573.jpg (162.57 KB, 1080x763, Screenshot_20210113-133506.jpg)


is pompeo is the only high level spook who remained loyal to trump and didn't cuck?


File: 1610573777839.jpg (200.58 KB, 1080x946, Screenshot_20210113-133517.jpg)

he's stepping down today btw



>Secretary of State Pompeo: "There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration."

I think they really considered the options of reclaiming America from Biden

but decided on a different plan for whatever reason



>is pompeo is the only high level spook who remained loyal to trump and didn't cuck?
no >>27388

if he's against censorship and authoritarianism why is he obsessed about prosecuting assange and snowden?



>Nov 20th



you seem pretty convinced that trump wasn't just a controlled opposition "hitler-lite" character that the jews devised to be inoffensive to make his election believable, but also offensive enough to justify color revolution riots over. the idea that the deepstate was able to cheat the election in 2020, but were just leaving it all up to chance in 2016 is not all that plausible.
why would they even bother planning in summer of 2016 to frame trump for russian collusion after the election if they could've just fixed the election so trump had no chance of winning. they supposedly did that to bernie in the 2016 primaries, if thats true then they could've done it in the general election too.



File: 1610670678605.jpg (217.13 KB, 1080x1134, Screenshot_20210114-162849.jpg)

nvm he flipped



the jewwiest official of the entire jew admin.
big surprise.



File: 1611097640035.jpg (239.31 KB, 1080x976, Screenshot_20210119-150606.jpg)



Zionism is great though.



File: 1611099078376.jpg (44.64 KB, 331x403, asspained kike.jpg)

>Race-based nationalism for me but not for thee goyim, bwahaha…

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